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Sick of seeing the same old tired apps in Apple’s rankings? Discover what others are discovering on appPicker! Our Top 100 rankings shows you what’s popular in each category over the last 7 days!
Start with hundreds of free puzzles of all types, add thousands of free crosswords from the web, and solve them with Puzzazz’s fantastic UI including its award-winning TouchWrite™ handwriting recognition. If you’re an NYT crossword subscriber, Puzzazz is the only app that presents the print edition faithfully (Will Shortz says it’s the only app which is “able to handle almost any New York Times crossword trick”). Did we mention all that’s free? When you’ve finished the free puzzles, you’ll find tons of great puzzles of all types for sale.The NYT calls it “snazzy” and Wired says it’s “groundbreaking”? Puzzazz’s unique, optimized user experience and its exclusive TouchWrite technology make solving more fun, even on small screens. It won’t take you long to see why puzzle lovers call it “fantastic,” the “best way to do the NYT,” and “Hands down the best crossword puzzle app.”▶ OODLES OF PUZZLESFrom Puzzazzz ▶ Browse through puzzles by world-class authors, some of the best you’ll find anywhere and solve hundreds of free puzzles. You can try before you buy because every book starts with free puzzles!From the NYT ▶ To solve the NY Times crossword, just enter your Crosswords subscription credentials to get started.From the web ▶ Our Puzzle Downloads book contains links to many independent authors’ web sites, which have puzzles you can download or subscribe to, as well as commentary you’ll find interesting. For free downloads, simply tap on the Download or Solve in Puzzazz link for the puzzles you want to solve; for puzzle subscriptions, open the puzzles directly from the subscription emails you receive.▶ WHAT THEY’RE SAYING“The people at Puzzazz have been working hard on cultivating quality puzzles and developing TouchWrite, a groundbreaking new technology for doing puzzles on the screen.” —Wired“TouchWrite is an awesome technology” —GeekWire▶ STELLAR REVIEWS“Best APP Ever! The TouchWrite technology is perfect, especially when I use it on the phone.” —Jackleroy“Fantastic puzzle app! Some things are actually better than solving on paper.” —Wendell O“Best puzzle experience out there! The TouchWrite software alone puts Puzzazz way ahead of the field. I also love the selection of books—something to satisfy all types of puzzlers.” —puzzlefan1001“Puzzazz is the most user friendly of the puzzle apps out there. They have puzzles by masters of the craft.” —Toddwseattle“Best way to do the NYT! Best part is extra features for some of the gimmick puzzles.” —derekallen7“I specifically subscribed to the New York Times Premium crosswords because this app supports them.” —hightemp“Killer app! Was looking for a good crossword app and so far this is the best I’ve found.” —CadillacCruiser17▶ OPTIMIZED EXPERIENCEPuzzazz is designed by puzzle lovers for puzzle lovers, with a solving experience that is all about the puzzles. It’s an elegant and optimized experience for puzzles of all types.Puzzazz is built with an eye toward how you solve puzzles, from our TouchWrite handwriting recognition to subtle features for left-handed and color blind solvers. You can always see both Across and Down clues at the same time, no matter how you orient your device, and you’ll appreciate automatic clue highlighting, including cross-references. Take notes on a clue or mark a cell in the grid. Time yourself if you want (you can compare your time on the puzzle leaderboards). Get a hint if you need one.Puzzazz is not just the best crossword puzzle app—it’s the best app for all types of puzzles, including cryptic and variety crosswords, and many previously available only on paper, including acrostic, cryptogram, word, logic, Mentagy, rebus, mystery puzzles, plus the spectacular Maze of Games. Puzzazz supports everything you find in crosswords, including rebus (multiple letter) cells, extra or missing clues, and unusual grids. If you solve cryptics, you’ll love the smart hinting.
The best crossword apps for iPhone
World Conqueror 3 is a newly-developed strategy game released in 2015 by EASYTECH! Commander! War is about to begin. Lead your army and conquer the world! EASYTECH will continue to create the most outstanding war strategy games as always.【Military Career】----------------------------------------------- ***32 historical Campaigns(3 difficulty levels) and 150 military Tasks ***5 Challenge modes to prove your commanding skills and 45 Challenges in total ***Promote your generals, learn new Skills and hire more Generals from prestigious Military Academies all over the world ***Accomplish assigned Tasks in cities and Trade with merchanrts in ports ***Build various Wonders of the world and explore the Universe【Conquer the World】----------------------------------------------- ***4 scripts from different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960 ***World pattern changes over time. Choose any country to join the war. ***Choose different sides and countries to gain different awards.【Features】----------------------------------------------- ***Real-time game play: you will experience World War II, the Cold War and Modern Warfare ***50 Countries and 200 famous Generals will join this Global War ***148 Military Units available and 35 special general Skills ***12 Technology, including Conventional Weapons, Naval, Air Force, Missiles, Nuclear Weapons, Space Weapons and etc ***42 wolrd Wonders will play a key role in your victory ***11 Conqueror Achievements awaits you ***Open Auto battle and AI will lead instead of you ***Seamless World Map and zoom in&out ***Challenge other Players to gain extra awards ***Support Game Center【Note】----------------------------------------------- If you found your game's language is wrong, please set your device to English, and set it back to your language.
Whodunnit is the easiest way to host your very own murder mystery! Take the work out of running a murder mystery dinner party with easy invites, character question screens, profiles, costume suggestions, and plenty of murder mystery stories in a variety of fun settings.Everyone gets a character plucked from the story, such as a wild west gunslinger, a down and out jazz pianist, a spoiled rich kid and dozens more. Dress up, get your props together, then show up on the fateful night, in character and ready to play. Whodunnit makes it easy to host and participate in a murder mystery by keeping all the necessary information right at your fingertips. No printing out pieces of paper and shuffling through them at the party, just check your phone for your objectives and acting advice, then try to figure out who the murderer is and why they committed the crime.Themes Murder and all that Jazz: 7-22 Characters Surd, Sand, Sun, Murder: 7-22 Characters A Rogue in Rumplume: 7-22 Characters Copper Creek Calamity: 7-22 Characters Sabotage on Horizon Station: 7 Characters More themes and characters packs coming soon!Host As the murder mystery host, it's your job to introduce the theme to the guests, kick off the investigation and eventually announce who committed the murder. Don't worry, we have all of your important lines written out on the app. You just focus on making sure you and your guests have a good time! Whodunnit mysteries are designed for the host to participate in the party, so even though you'll be coordinating the whole thing, you still get to take a stab at solving the murder!Guest As a guest in a Whodunnit murder mystery, your job is to get into character, follow your objectives, and have a good time! The host will take care of most of the details of moving the party along, you just focus on interacting with the guests and thinking about your character's background and motivations. Who knows, by the end of the night you might turn out to be the murder. Or the murder victim!Learn how to play at
"The best defense is a good offense.” - Football MasterHow many times can you pass the ball ? [How to play] - Pass the ball & Do NOT let the ball stolen. [WARNING] This game is difficult.P.S. The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity. Best Regards! A99H Studios
Become a Legend! Capture & Evolve over 900 Animated Monsters!You arrive at the capital city of Othlon as the sole heir of your late uncle's monster ranch. Your mission? To become the Champion of Monster Trainers!Assemble your team of monsters and topple numerous challenges. Take the fight online and compete in special missions for rankings, or clash with other players directly in head-to-head combat! Are you ready to take the challenge?You'll have to put your skills to the test both on and off the battlefield! Battles in this game feature 4 monsters on the field at once, and party sizes of up to 16 monsters. Construct your party wisely, because certain monsters have abilities that work in tandem with others for chain strategies. A well-placed monster can mean the difference between a close victory or a crushing loss!There's many different strategies available to utilize. Monsters can lock enemies down with stun moves and attack with Timestrike, or lull enemies to sleep and drain their health with Dreamhunt, or keep their allies safe with Protector skills, and many more! FEATURES -Capture hundreds of fully animated monsters! -Explore 6 different worlds in 60+hrs of adventure! -Train and customize your monsters at the ranch! -Fight through 6 leagues to become Champion! -140 optional online missions to test your skills! -Master devastating combinations from among tons of different monster abilities!Deal massive damage to poisoned monsters with "Poison Eater"!Put enemies to sleep and then feast on them with "Dreamhunt"!Killed one enemy? Rack up the kill count even more with "Bloodcrave"! ...and many more!Terms of Service Policy
You can Play on different music instruments, music works that everyone knows. In this game you can create music rhythm and feel like a real composer. In the game you compose and play your own melody. Compete with another player for possession of absolute musical ear. Even if you haven't musical ear. In this game you learn how to play different musical instruments and unique music works for every musical instrument. Win musical awards and feel like a real musician. Compose your music in the inbuilt game editor of melodies. You can easily write your melody in the compose editor and play your created melodies on all music instruments.Feel like a real composer writing your own melodies.
“I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend the game to any word puzzle enthusiast." - EBess Wordophile is a minimalistic, clean and addicting word puzzle game. It contains elements similar to crossword puzzles and word jumbles. You can complete the game in any order you like. There is no time limit, no score and no penalty for trying different combinations. In case you get stuck, there are extra hints available to help you.This game has been designed from the ground up to work with any screen size to give the user an enjoyable experience. If you enjoy games like crosswords, Syllacrostics, anagrams, Wheel of Fortune, hangman, or any game with words, you will love this game. FEATURES: -------------- • Clean interface designed for simple and easy game play for all screen sizes • Fun and challenging • Expand your vocabulary • Extra hints are available if you are stuck by revealing a letter, a tile, or the whole word. GAMEPLAY -------------- The goal is simple; complete the level by finding words on the screen in any order. You are given hints on the left with additional information on the right, to help you decipher the hint. You have the option of what that additional information is. Either the number of letters, a scrambled representation of the available letters or for added difficulty you can set it to display nothing. Please share this game with your friends, like us on Facebook and send us some feedback.
Solve thousands of clues in the biggest and best crossword puzzle ever! We've produced a MAMMOTH puzzle, with more than 7,000 unique clues. The puzzle is hand-crafted with over 350 carefully selected and edited crossword grids and many secrets and challenges to discover. Can you beat all the Quests, and collect all of the Trophies? To fully master the game you must complete all these challenges:● Solve over 7,000 clues ● Complete each of the 361 individual puzzles ● Collect all 45 of the prestigious trophies ● Complete all 57 quests ● Unlock all 10 achievementsNEW - now includes Daily Diamond Puzzle!SUPPORTPlease select the HELP option from the Options menu (the gear icon in the top right corner of the game screen) if you require assistance.Alternatively you can contact us by email: community@appynation.comWorld's Biggest Crossword is free to play, but contains optional paid items to unlock puzzles more quickly.Facebook: /BigPuzzles - Twitter: @BigPuzzles MORE GREAT GAMES● One Clue Crossword [NEW!] - 100s of amazing picture crosswords! ● World's Biggest Picture Cross ● World's Biggest Mahjong ● World's Biggest Wordsearch ● World's Biggest Jigsaw ● World's Biggest Sudoku
The best crossword apps for iPhone
Highly addictive game. Once you start, you cannot stop. There are two modes. Game rule Classic: - Tap two or more blocks, which are same color - No time limit, once you meet target you can promote to next level Endless: - Tap two or more blocks, which are same color - Tap the blocks as more and fast as you can - The more block you tap once, the more time will be added - When level up the time drain will be faster - Once time up it will game over Score rule: Score = block x block x 5 Bonus rule of Classic mode: bonus = 2000 - block x block x 20 Features: - Undo Button - 9 different color blocks, you can choose random color or fixed color
"… the definitive source for puzzles for iOS…" -- the New York Times Play the Award Winning Crosswords on your iPad or iPhone, now optimized for the new iOS 9! Each day many newspapers provide their crossword puzzles online; wake up each day to new puzzles, solve them, get hints, view clues, and track how quickly you're improving!• Touch and hold a square to view hints • US and UK Cryptic puzzles available • Hints, Websites, and Clue lookups • Enter answers in 'ink' or 'pencil' • Quickly see your recently played, or sort by date, difficulty or source • Detailed info on each puzzle • Post your solve times online and compare with other solvers After upgrading, you can also: • Automatically get new puzzles every day • Access nearly unlimited puzzles from many different sources • Grab older puzzles with a tap • Download new puzzles automatically in the backgroundUpgraded Puzzle Sources: • Brendan Emmett Quigley's Weekly Puzzle • Elizabeth C. Gorski's Crossword Nation • Inkwell Crossword • Village Voice • Chronicle of Higher Education • The Independent • King Features Crosswords (Joseph, Sheffer, and Premier) • People Magazine • Newsday • Andy Kravis, Cruciverbist at Law • Glutton for Pun • MacNamara’s Band • Murchie’s Monday Fills • Neville Fogarty • Puzzle Express • The Stickler Weekly • Telegraph Toughie • World of CrosswordsPremium Crosswords subscription required: • NY Times • Matt Gaffney’s Crossword Contest • Telegraph UK Quick & Cryptic Crosswords • American Values Crossword • Crooked CrosswordsProviders list subject to change. •• For support, please visit our website at ••
The best crossword apps for iPad
How far can you go? Guide your Kitty to the end of the maze while avoiding the dogs!This re-mastered edition of Run Kitty Kitty Run features: Over 30 new fun and challenging levels! New Graphics and special effects! Better mobile optimization and bug fixes!
Take your passion for crosswords around the world with Crossword Puzzles! by Critical Hit Software. No subscription required!Play a FREE puzzle every day as you tour breathtaking locations around the world. Thousands more puzzles and dozens of destinations await you on your tour.“This is the most beautiful crossword app I’ve ever seen!”Features: • Dozens of HD images of beautiful travel destinations • Free daily puzzles, and thousands more for all skill levels • Hints, in case you get stuck • Check your work or see the solution • Most puzzles available off-line • Supports both Portrait and Landscape orientations (Portrait on iPhone and iPod Touch)Questions or concerns? We want to help! Email us at, and include “Crossword Puzzles” in the subject.Thanks for playing!
The best crossword apps for iPhone
Montessorium, in partnership with Rand McNally Education, brings you the world! Exclusively for iPhone 6, 6+, iPad and iPad Pro. *Featured in Best New Apps!• Learn the shapes, names, flags and geographical locations of the countries of the world, through puzzles, challenges and drawing exercises. • Supporting a global education in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian languages.From the creators of Intro to Math and Intro to Letters, Intro to Geography - World Edition is based on the proven methodology of Montessori. Intro to Geography - World Edition includes the following activities in an app exclusively designed for iPhone 6 and 6+, and the iPad:+ Drag and Drop: Learn the location of every country in the world + Vocabulary Building: Learn the names of every country, and how to pronounce them! + Spacial Awareness: Learn how countries and continents relate to each other + Flag Matching: Learn to identify the flags of every country + Flag Coloring: It’s your turn! Color in the flags, then drop them right where they belong About Montessorium: Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Montessorium Inc. is dedicated to crafting high-quality educational apps for the iPhone and iPad. We believe that learning is a lifestyle.Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. Find us on Twitter & Facebook: • • send us note at
We love mind games, stylish graphics, and crisp insanity. This application is for such freaks as we are.REBUS is a game of associations, logic and design that energizes the brain. It doesn’t matter how long you would like to play, either an hour or several minutes, every solved rebus will make a pleasant snap in your head. Enjoy!And yes! We do plan to update the app and add new levels regularly.**********"REBUS will get your brain firing on all cylinders" -- Cult of Mac"REBUS caught our eye because of its stylish look" -- TouchArcade"It’s fresh and original, looks great and toys with your emotions" -- PhoneDog"It’s simple, it’s clever, it’s unpredictable" -- PocketGamer**********
The best logic games for iPhone
Unleash your inner Maverick, become a pilot and conquer the skies. + Fun and challenging missions on beautiful scenarios + 20 realistic planes: from single engine props to jets, airliners and military aircraft. + Explore a huge open map with tons of surprises in free flight mode + Immersive scenarios: emergencies, rescue missions, rough landings, fires, races and more!Download now and don't miss amazing updates!COMING SOON: NEW LEVELS AND PLANES!● What our players are saying- This is a great game. Easy to play and an easy way to kill some time in between appointments. A must have. I spend hours playing this game. Simplistic but addicting! Love it- Very good game, but completely addicting. Finish whatever you have to before even starting.- The game is really fun. It's got all awesome graphics. It is definitely the best. I have never played such an awesome game. Whoever doesn't like this game has a problem.- That's right one of the best games I have ever played so if you are looking for a good time by just sitting around this is the app for you!- I just downloaded it and it's so fun and addictive I recommend this to people who like games on mobile devices.
The best flight simulators for iPhone
Join Samantha and Gordon in an all new adventure! Obtain the vaccine from the New Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chance of protecting people from the devastating effects of the Torroto virus.Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!Features • Tricky and challenging puzzles! • Gorgeous graphics! • It's FREE! • No signup's required, just download and install!Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!
The best Escape games for iPhone and iPad
Offline Poker at its best!* Offline Play - play anytime, anywhere * Beginner friendly - fun and easy, with advice on the earlier levels of play * Advanced AI - advanced computer opponents if you are up for it * Gorgeous HD graphics and slick, fast gameplay * 5 different levels of play (higher difficulty tables have higher stakes) * Realistic sounds, and smooth animations
The best Texas holdem apps for iPad
In 2014 the game took first place among Board games for iPhone in Russia and Ukraine!!!Two fleets meet in deadly opposition. Only the prudent mind and tactical skills of the best admiral can declare an unconditional victory. The ships conduct warfare by attacking blindly, filling all water area by means of shells. Such conditions create a practical boundless scope for tactics and strategy.——————————————— This is a mobile rendition of our classic childhood game Sea Battle. Sea Battle first appeared in paper form in the remaining 30 years of the last century. Considered as one of the most popular then and to this day. ——————————————— Now this ageless classic is realized in a new way for mobile platforms. Rules are simple and easy to follow. On a game field each player has ships, from foreboding battle ships to small boats. Opponents in turn fire across the field of the opponent, clicking on the corresponding boxes that represent the open waters. The victory is won by the admiral who sinks the last ship of the enemy.——————————————— Help: On the game board each player arranges their own ships. They cast shells blindly into the open waters hoping to score a hit on the opponent’s ships. Victory is awarded to the admiral who sinks the most ships of their opponent.Hint: Double press on a ship to change its direction.
Battleship online app review: a grid-based strategy game comes to iTunes
One of the most Classical Tank Battle NES / FC Game since 1990Game Rules:- Defense your base - Destroy all enemy tanks - Game over, if your tank or your base is destroyedIt is a modern NES classical mobile tank battle city. Game of modern war, Boom the map, Summon your alliance, Strike the Enemy!Key Features: - 5 difficulty levels - Built-in 250 Maps - Map Editor (Available on iPhone5 or higher) [Suggest use Touch Pen] - Custom playlist (Available on iPhone5 or higher)* All custom map need to create on you own, you cannot edit or change internal built-in maps. ** We will update the number of internal map every 2 to 4 months.Contact us on :
Embark on a fun underwater journey! Play as many unique, colorful characters. Explore various levels, each with their own unique art style. Avoid the hungry shark and compete for the highest score! How to play:> Tap to swim > Avoid enemies> Compete for the highest score Features:- Game Center support- 13 playable characters- 13 unique levels- 4 difficulty modes- Addictive gameplay- Simple controls- Beautiful 2D visuals Download Brave Bubbles now!
Play timeless piano classics and popular radio hits for free. No prior experience necessary! Yokee’s Piano app is so easy to use, you’ll be playing like a pro within seconds. Enjoy a rich songbook of songs across a wide variety of music genres like classical, popular hits, traditional and kids’ songs. With new free songs added daily you can learn new tunes, perfect your favorites, share them with the world and even challenge your friends to see who is the better pianist. Key Features: - PLAY: Choose from a huge catalogue of songs and musicals across a variety of genres and themes.- ACHIEVE: Once you’ve selected a song you can play it at the difficulty level of your choice (beginner, intermediate, advanced), practice the chords and create beautiful music. The better you play the song, the better your score.- CHALLENGE: Once you achieve your best score, let the games begin by challenging your friends to play the same tune via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email etc. and see who is the better pianist!Whether you’re channelling Mozart as you play classical masterpieces or working your magic with some killer-chords like a rock-star pianist, our virtual keyboard will let you play with ease, without having taken even a single piano lesson. Plus, with our unique and super-cool “duet style” feature, it’s the ONLY piano app where you can play one part of a tune while the app plays the accompanying melody. Great selection of music: - Variety of musical genres: Classical, traditional, Rock, Pop, Rap, Classics, Kids, Love songs and more. - Pop songs: *Let it Go - Disney's Frozen *Chandelier by Sia *Happy by Pharrell *Paparazzi by Lady Gaga *Rehab by Amy Winhouse *Counting Stars by OneRepublic *Sometimes by Britney Spears - Classical favorites: *A Little Night Music by W.A. Mozart *Fur Elise by L.V. Beethoven - Traditional songs: *House of the rising sun *Amazing grace *America is beautiful Other Highlights: -Easy-to-follow tutorial -Visual 'Learn this song' mode. -Play all levels to become a 'Piano Genius'. -Select your favorite type of Piano from the collection of instruments. -The more you play the more coins you can earn to unlock even more songs -30 second preview of each song so that you can learn the melody -3 levels of difficulty for playing each song (beginner, intermediate, advanced) -Easy to navigate drawer with access to Songbook, ‘My Songs’, Help Center, Settings and more UNLIMITED PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION -You can subscribe for unlimited access to our VIP song catalog -The subscriptions are $2.99 weekly and $7.99 monthly -You’ll be able to play any of the songs including VIP songs as much as you like from any Apple device and enjoy an ad-free experience. -Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase -Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period -Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal -Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase -No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period -Private Policy - -Terms of Use -*Price are equal to the value that "Apple's App Store Matrix" determines is the equivalent of the subscription price in $USD.Feedback We’re always trying to make our Piano app better so if you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us!
The best piano apps for iPhone
Enjoy the most beautiful Sudoku puzzles ever. Stunning backgrounds, simple gameplay, and classic Sudoku fun are just a few reasons to enjoy this gorgeous game."The best Sudoku app ever, and its FREE!" "Dazzling!" "#1 logic game available" "So very, very pleasing, and keeps my mind sharp!" "Finally, a great Sudoku puzzle game"Includes: - Endless, Free Sudoku puzzles - 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert - Game Center integrated with achievements and global leaderboards - Over 70 beautiful background images - Ability to "set" backgrounds, or cycle them every puzzleLike this app? Check out some of our other games: Jigsaw Puzzle, Crossword Puzzles, and Word Search
The best Sudoku apps for iPhone
This is an awesome app game that allows you to play an unlimited amount of sudoku puzzles on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There is no possibility to get twice the same puzzle since they are randomly generated. 【 Features 】 ⊲ Support !!!!!! GAME CENTER !!!!!!!, 5 Leaderboards and 20 achievements. ⊲ Support Facebook/Twitter/SinaWeibo/Google+.⊲ Five levels of difficulty. ⊲ Load/Save puzzle from/to the application database. ⊲ Statistic, it saves every finished puzzles automatically, that allows you to keep tracking your best played records for each level, you can restart it whenever you want to re-challenge it. ⊲ Pause/Resume which allows you are able to take a short break from the puzzle. ⊲ Undo/Redo the selected number. ⊲ Smart note, automatically put the related note on the field, or put all notes for all fields or clear them all with only one tap. ⊲ Auto/manual check for incorrect numbers. ⊲ Smart eraser to let you remove number on the field clearly and easily. ⊲ Hint, to provide you a easy way to find out current single note field, certainly a little penalty is required :-). ⊲ Keep device from sleeping, your iPhone/iPod no longer sleep while you are thinking in a puzzle. ⊲ Smart coloring fields, allows you to see the relation of each fields while tapping on it. ⊲ In game progress indicator, to show you current progress with a bar interface. ⊲ Compatible with iOS5.0 iPod, iPhone device, Retina Display for iPhone 4/4S/5 support. ⊲ Customize your own background by picking up an photo from your own album. Any reviews and ratings are all appreciated, your comments are making this sudoku app become better!!
The best Sudoku apps for iPhone
Free today with ‘App of the Day’. Achtung duo is a simple & fun game for your iPhone. Play with your friends or battle against the challenging botplayer! Warning: Extremely addicting. Was number #1 game in Germany & number #1 family game in The United States, France, Italy & Netherlands.••• TWO PLAYER FUN ••• Playing Achtung is simple. Just turn left or right and don't hit anything. Eliminate your friend with smart moves to win the game! - Try to stay alive and cut off your opponent - Play 3, 5 or 10 rounds - Slow, normal or fast gameplay••• CHALLENGING SINGLEPLAYER ••• You can also play Achtung by yourself. The more rounds you win, the more you score! - Battle against the Achtung bot player - Score points for every round that you win - A quick round earns you extra points - Earn cool achievements during the game - Beat your personal best and set a world record!••• WHY SHOULD I BUY THIS GAME? ••• - Extremely easy to play (just 2 controls) - Great graphics & gameplay (check the video) - Very addicting & fun to play with a friend or by yourself - Tip: Download Achtung for iPad to play with all of your friends!••• JOKERS ••• A Joker gives you one more chance to break your highscore or to set a world record. Everyone gets a free Joker to start off with. You can also win extra free Jokers at different score levels. Out of Jokers? You can buy more within the app.••• SEEING IS BELIEVING ••• Screenshots don't do justice. Check out the video on our website to see Achtung in action! # Number 1 iPad app in Germany # Number 1 iPad family game in The United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy & Netherlands Achtung was created with love by the people from iSignz. (Reinier, Erik, Reinder & Aldert) - Music by Psy Brazil. Special thanks goes to inventors Filip Oscadal and Kamil Dolezal for creating the awesome DOS classic Achtung die Kurve / Zatacka in 1995. Achtung is a german word for 'Watch out'.
Play the most realistic Blackjack game in the app store, with full sized cards, chips, and table all beautifully rendered in 3D. With built in trainer and basic strategy cards, learn basic strategy and take your blackjack game to the next level. BC Blackjack is free to play, and you never pay for chips. Upgrade to the Pro version to remove ads and to unlock higher tables, game play settings, and practice modes.BC Blackjack features realistic full sized cards, chips and blackjack table, so no more squinting at tiny cards like in other Blackjack apps. But the realism does not stop there: BC Blackjack stacks chips, deals cards, pays and collects bets just like in the casino. Pro users can customize the table rules to match their favorite casino.Play BC Blackjack for free. No waiting or paying for chips like many other blackjack apps. Start a new game at any time. Upgrade to Pro to have access to higher limit tables, be able to change table settings, use practice modes and more.BC Blackjack has a built in trainer and basic strategy charts to help you learn and practice basic strategy. Your play history is also kept so you can easily see how you are doing. Pro users can use three practice modes to improve areas of weakness.FEATURE LIST: • Full sized cards, chips and table • Realistic casino game play • Built in basic strategy trainer • Basic strategy charts with history • Free chips with no waiting • Advanced plays like insurance, surrender, even money • Slow/Normal/Fast dealing speedsPRO FEATURES LIST: • Access higher limit tables • Customize table settings • Practice modes: hard totals, soft totals, pairs • Remove ads • Start with higher bankrollsPRO TABLE SETTINGS: • Dealer’s soft 17 rules • Number of decks (1,2,4,6,8) • Double down options: - Allowed hand totals - Allowed after split - Allowe after hit • Split Options: - Max splits allowed - Max splitting aces allowed - Draw after splitting aces - Tens must match • Allow late surrenderPlease email us at for help and suggestions as we cannot respond directly to reviews.
The best blackjack apps for iPad
More than 100,000 downloads! Thanks everyone!Get the free strategy guide at kingcashing.comThe sequel is out! Check out King Cashing 2!★ "One of the best games out there" -Touch Arcade Show ★ "A unique and perfect combination of RPG and slot games brings a very addicting game." -iphonefootprint Review ★ "King Cashing strikes the perfect balance between approachable gameplay with the strategy and depth of a role playing game" -Touch Arcade ReviewMixing the slots machine genre with RPG elements, the game features: - 2 game modes: Classic Adventure and Survival Mode - Random drops from enemies - 45 weapons with varying qualities - 9 unique weapons! Can you find them all? - 3 dark weapons! The best in the game, but very hard to get! - NO In App Purchase - Game Center support with 4 leaderboards and 50 achievements - More than 55 unique monsters - 9 sidequest levels with different play type - Stop the reels at any time! (pachislo style) - Pixel-art mixed with traditional illustrations! - 8-bit retro style music! - High replay value and hours of fun! - Free updates!Here's a little fact about the game: I got the idea while playing Kairosoft's Game Dev Story! At one point in the game, I made a game with the Slots RPG combination and that got me wondering what a real Slots RPG game would look like. So I dropped the game and started taking notes of what came to mind. I also drew some mockups to have a better idea of what I had in mind. 5 months later, here's King Cashing! So, hum, thanks Kairosoft!★ Featured in What's Hot Games in United States, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia ★ Featured in New and Noteworthy Games in 114 countries including United States, Canada, China, Japan, New Zealand and Australia ★ Featured in Top 10 Casino games in 19 countries ★ Featured in Top 10 RPG Games in 7 countries
The #1 adventure game in many countries!Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game is to find the way to open different doors and exit each and every room the adventure has to offer.Features: - Challenging puzzles - Logic brain teasers - Easy to start – impossible to put down - Explore different themed rooms! - New rooms added frequently - FREE for iOS!How to play: Find and combine objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room!Walkthrough: discussion:
The best Escape games for iPhone and iPad
Can You Escape - Deluxe - Out Now!The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to advance to the next floor. Challenge yourself in this fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game.8 challenging free rooms + 2 bonus rooms available at the moment!Smartphone puzzles! Addicting mini puzzles! Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms! Constant updates of New Rooms! it’s FREE!
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Nominated for Technical Excellence at the Independent Games Festival “LiquidSketch is completely ace” - PocketTactics “Liquid Work of Puzzler Art” - TouchArcade --------Solve puzzles using beautifully colored, unbelievably realistic liquid! Rotate your device to pour, use your fingers to splash around or build bridges and pipes with blocks. Engage in 90 challenges testing your logic over 6 stages covering different aspects of liquid mechanics or let your imagination run wild in the sandbox mode.Features: - Incredibly realistic real-time liquid simulation.- Beautiful colors: liquid and paint mix realistically and generate stunning visuals.- Highly responsive gyroscopic controls and cutting edge liquid physics means the water flows naturally, as if it were actually inside your device!- 90 challenging puzzles with 6 stages of liquid mechanics, from easy and intuitive to complex and mind bending.- Build anything your mind can come up with in the sandbox mode using blocks, pumps, wedges and paint. Built-in video capture lets you record your masterpiece and share it on YouTube effortlessly.- Awesome aquatic soundtrack from composer James Primate for each stage.- Support for Retina display
CUBIC ROOM is room escape game. When you woke up , you found yourself stuck in a strange room. Can you find a way out and leave?Features - If you want to get a hint, You can know it by touching a hint card. - Good operability without feeling stress. tap : search & Select item Press : Magnify item Swipe : Back & Close item - Beautiful graphics just like a photograph.
The best Escape games for iPhone and iPad
Join the most popular Sport Fishing Game in the World! Compete with your friends, visit stunning fishing locations & enjoy hours of relaxing gameplay with the ultimate fishing simulator app. ***Unwind, Relax & Go Fishing***Every fisherman or angler knows there’s nothing like coming back from work, picking up fishing tackle and heading to the nearest ocean or freshwater lake for some quality sport fishing. If it’s the fishing off-season, or you don’t have a fishing boat at hand, simply open Let’s Fish! With realistic scenery, you will feel like you are on an actual fishing trip, holding your fishing rod, staring at the water and waiting for a fish to take the bait.***Over 40 Stunning Locations***Travel to different photo-realistic locations across all continents, like Rio Negro, Alaska, the Norwegian Fjords, Green Valley, Tonle Sap Lake, the Nile and dozens more. Find the most appropriate fishing gear for each location and choose between a fishing rod, a net, or other options.***Over 400 Species of Fish***Catch various species of fish, from small and medium breeds like albacore and skipjack tuna to large fish species such as coelacanths, peacock bass and even white sharks. We are constantly adding more species and new unique features to the app. ***Accessorize all the Way*** Enjoy a variety of fishing tackles. Replace your natural worm bait and experiment with fly fishing or fishing lures. With Let’s Fish’s virtual fishing gear, online fishing is a truly authentic experience. We have the complete fishing tackle: rods, hooks, lines, reels, landing nets, bait, ground bait, buffs... you name it! ---------------- Follow us on Twitter at or like our Facebook fanpage at to get updates about new tournaments or in-game promos. Please be advised that an internet connection is required to play Let’s Fish
The best fishing games for iPhone and iPad
It's an addictive spot the differences game with excellent puzzle design and colorful pictures, full of challenges and fun!■ 1000+ Puzzle Stages + 3 Gameplay! ■ Amazing Hidden Objects Design! ■ Beautiful Pictures, HD Quality
The best Spot the difference apps for the iPad
Tablet or large-screen phone highly recommended for best experience!Stick Nodes is a powerful stickfigure animation program created with mobile devices in mind! Inspired from the popular Pivot stickfigure animator, Stick Nodes allows users to create their own stickfigure-based animated GIFs or MP4s!Features: ◆ Automatic frame-tweening turned on/off with the click of a button. ◆ A virtual camera to move and zoom, makes your animations cinematic! ◆ Great variety in segment shape types allows for greater creativity. ◆ Color/scale on a per-segment basis - easily color your stickfigures. ◆ Ability to create, save, import, and share stickfigures you create. ◆ Compatibility with Pivot-created .stk files (version 2.2.7 and earlier). ◆ Pinch-to-zoom to make animating more convenient and simple. ◆ Forward and backward onion-skinning for precise animating. ◆ Clean, simple interface created with mobile devices in mind. ◆ A "panning mode" to move all stickfigures simultaneously. ◆ An undo/redo system for up to twenty actions. ◆ Export to GIF. ◆ Export to MP4 (Pro only). ◆ Add sounds (Pro only). ◆ More stuff I'm forgetting...Stick Nodes also allows you to submit your own stickfigure creations for others to use!After building a stickfigure that you want to share with the world, use the in-app submission form to submit your creation to the Stick Nodes website where it will show up in the ever-growing stickfigure library ( out the library yourself and download some of the amazing creations for use in your own stickman animation!Stay Updated: Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates about your favorite stickman animator app, Stick Nodes!◆ Google+: ◆ Facebook: ◆ Website: ◆ Twitter: Games thanks you for trying out Stick Nodes!
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"Piano 3D" is the most popular piano learning & music discovery tool for the iPhone & iPad. Download now and immerse yourself into an unparalleled audio & visual experience!Features : - Jaw-dropping 3D graphics. - Ultra realistic multi-sampled piano sound. - Huge user generated song library with more than 750 songs. - Inter-App Audio & Audiobus support. - Full on-screen multi-touch 87 keys keyboard. - Slow down the song at any time or pause it and start learning it note by note. - Switch to piano roll mode to help you sharpen your skills further and differentiate left hand and right hand. - Built in Audio/Midi/Video recorder*. - Full core midi support: connect your midi keyboard via Apple camera kit or any other iOS supported midi adapter and watch your performance turn into 3D art*. - Record on-screen performance and instantly share it to YouTube and/or Facebook right from inside the app! - Ultra low latency feedback. - Import any midi file from Mail app and other sharing websites or using iTunes file sharing*. - Midi Out/Virtual Midi Out: control any midi capable device and apps that supports background audio*.Feel free to visit us : us on Facebook!* Premium features.
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The world’s most advanced flight simulator just got an upgrade.Featuring brand new Internet multiplayer, combat missions, emergency scenarios, tutorials, 3-D cockpits, and more, X-Plane 10 Mobile is enough to make our desktop users jealous.Can you race through the Grand Canyon at supersonic speeds in an F-22... or will you end up as another scorch mark on the canyon wall?After your friend from halfway across the world* fires a heatseeking missile at you, will you be able to shake it off and retaliate?When a flock of birds takes out your windshield and your engines just after takeoff, will you be able to get safely down to the ground?If a dozen anti-aircraft guns and a surface-to-air missile launcher stood between you and your target, could you get through and complete your mission?Will you be able to keep cool when your engine catches fire and fills your cockpit with smoke... or will you go down in the flames?Do you want to find out?X-Plane 10 Mobile features 24 challenges, ranging from emergency situations to combat scenarios. In addition, we've added 9 tutorials, teaching the basics of takeoffs & landings, traffic patterns, helicopters, & more.This all takes place in a beautiful world created with realistic 3D scenery. Airports are populated with terminal buildings, jetways and other airport clutter. Cities are built with 3D buildings.The app includes the Cessna 172 (plus all 5 scenery regions) for free. In addition, the following aircraft are available as in-app purchases: • Airbus A320 Airliner • Boeing B777-200ER Airliner • Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet • Bombardier CRJ200 Regional Jet • McDonnell Douglas MD-80 • A-10 Thunderbolt II (“Warthog”) • F-22 Raptor • F-4 Phantom II • Beechcraft Baron B58 • Beechcraft King Air C90B • Piper PA-18 Super Cub • Piaggio P.180 Avanti • Sikorsky S76 helicopterPlus, all aircraft now feature gorgeous, interactive 3-D cockpits!*Please note that you must be logged in to Game Center to use the Internet multiplayer feature.
The best flight simulators for iPhone
Improve your musical and coordination skills with this challenging violin game. Not as challenging as playing a real violin but it can still give your hand and fingers a good workout. Haven't played a violin before? Well, this is your chance to experience what it is like to play this beautiful instrument. Might even inspire you to learn to play a real one as well. Play along with beautiful prerecorded classical violin music. Earn points by matching the signals with your bowing actions. Gliding the bow back and forth on the virtual strings like a using a real violin bow. Included are 15 beautiful violin pieces:- Adagio in G Minor by Albinoni - Cradle Song by Brahms - Fantasia (B Minor) by Telemann - Gavotte in G Minor by Bach - Minuet in G by Beethoven - Meditation by Massenet - Salu d'Amour by Elgar - The Blue Danube by Strauss - Hours Dance by Ponchielli - My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice by Saint-Saens - Ave Maria by Schubert - Gymnopedies by Satie - The Swan by Saint-SaensMore songs can be unlocked within the app.
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"Clever, well thought out, unique, and could drive you insane. My husband is afraid to try it."Tilt, shout, click, snap, and hike your way to success. Expand your creative thinking. Ponder through colorful visual clues. Discover secrets along the way…66 unique challenges and counting.-==============================- ○ "Utterly diabolical and utterly brilliant" —CNET○ “Unlike anything you’ve ever played before” —App Advice○ “Undeniably unique” —Todays iPhone○ “Devilishly clever” —Six Colors○ “Could be this week's sleeper hit” —Pocket Gamer UK -==============================- BEAUTIFULLY CLEVERWith ample satisfying "ah hah!" moments and puzzles as artful and clever as they are challenging, Blackbox is as delightful to play as it is to look at and hold.SATISFYINGLY SURPRISINGFrustrating, fun, and full of surprises… There’s more to Blackbox than meets the eye. Can you find all the meta challenges?HINTSEvery challenge has been tuned to be on the cusp of maddening but always solvable. Some challenges take time, perseverance, and perspective to understand, but if you’re really stumped rest assured there are hints. To enjoy the game to it’s fullest, only use them as a last resort!LEVEL PACKSBlackbox is jam-packed with 45 free challenges. Get far enough and you'll get the option to pay to unlock more advanced challenges and support the game's future development (and keep it ad free)!Good luck, ~Ryan -==============================- P.S. More challenges are coming… Be first to know by following @blackboxpuzzles on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.
– Over 8 000 000 downloads – TOP-1 in 48 countries – TOP-5 in 82 countriesA snip here, a cut there: avoid the bolts and please beware! Now make a trim, its time to start, make sure to keep your scissors sharp! Hundreds of copies of Cut the Buttons have been downloaded for educational purposes, as the game has been acknowledged by specialists as a unique fine motor skills trainer for gamers of all ages.“Beautiful . . . the innovative gameplay of Cut the Buttons raises games for iOS to a completely new level.” –, China “I dare to say that in App Store there wasn’t anything like this before.” –, Germany “An exciting hit in the App Store that successfully uses the full potential of multi-touch screens. This application can be put together with such “titans of casual games” as Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja.” –, Russia “Who said you can no longer make anything new? Surely it wasn’t the producer of the Cut the Buttons game.” –, France - Unique gameplay concept. - Unique interface. - Unique multiplayer mode. - Unique graphics. - Unique sound effects. HOW TO PLAY Pick up the scissors with two fingers. Be careful. Don’t cut yourself. Cut off the game launch button by moving the scissor blades just like you would with real scissors. If you happen to be a left-handed player, you can configure the direction of the scissors within the settings menu. The scissors are highly maneuverable. You can use them to control the direction at which the buttons fall after being cut. You can also move the cup with the hand that is not controlling the scissors. CLASSIC. The game lasts until you miss three scraps of material with buttons left on them. Upon catching 100 buttons in the cup, you can either receive additional points or recover a previously lost button. ARCADE. Cut off as many buttons as you can in the allotted time and do your best to drop them in the cup. ATTENTION! Don’t cut buttons held down by bolts. Only cut buttons tied down with thread. ATTENTION! Don’t press on the display. Your hand can become tired because of excessive pressure. The fingers have to slide on the display. TIPS & TRICKS * You can hit the buttons in the main menu with a finger. * Aim to cut off more than three buttons in a single cutting movement to maximize the amount of points you gain. * Reduce the quantity of hand movements. Try to cut more than one button in a single cutting movement. Enjoy! Play alone. Play with friends. Cut, cut, cut.
The best iphone sudoku app is back with much more awesome features! Enjoy almost unlimited number of sudoku problems with beautifully refined user interface. (With Retina screen supports!)Basic Sudoku Rules Every row must contain the numbers from 1 to 9 with no duplicate numbers in each row. Every column must contain the numbers from 1 to 9 with no duplicate numbers in each culumn. A region (3X3 box) also has to contain the numbers from 1 to 9 with no duplicates. Features ======================================= Automatic Memo Mode For the sudoku biginners, Quick Mode with the automatic memo functionality is now available! Emotional Design Moonrabbit Sudoku's design perfectly blends with enhanced usability! You will be satisfied with one of the best emotional design. User-friendly interface Thanks to the optimized interfaces, you can focus on solving sudoku problems. Guide lines & Duplicated number highlighting will help you reduce time-consuming mistakes. Undo Undo helps the Sudoku problems be traced back to its previous state. You don't anymore need to resart the game from the bigining when you reallize you made a mistake in the middle of the game.Powerful statistics features You can check your records at a glance with the various types of graphs. Daily Sudoku & World Challenge Challenge people all around the world with a new sudoku problem every day. Massive volume Six levels of difficulty. Each level set contains one thousand sudoku problems. Various skins 25 background colors and two types of skin modes. Multilingual support Supports various languages. (Currently Korean and English.) ======================================SOME TIPS 1. In Memo mode, press and hold the button to put numbers.2. Hold undo button to reset the progress.3. Double tap to switch between Normal Mode and Memo Mode.
The best Sudoku apps for iPad
Pool Break is a suite of games featuring several variations of 3D Pool, Billiards, Snooker, and the popular Crokinole and Carrom board games. The 3D graphics are spectacular and the physics are realistic and accurate. Whether you play against the computer or against other players online, the action is smooth and fast paced!Ready for some realistic pool experience? With a ton of games and lots of fast paced action, Pool Break will keep the most seasoned pro playing well into the night. Its crisp 3D graphics, accurate physics and linear shot guides help you line up your shot, modify the shooting angle, and see where your shot is going to land, making it easy to position yourself up for your next move.Pool Break Features Include: • Almost two dozen games packed into one app • Universal iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app • Multiple Languages Supported • English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish • Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Korean (South), Chinese (Simplified) • Supports Online Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming • Supports online chat • Play against the computer with four difficulty levels • Pass-n-Play mode • Very Realistic Pool Physics • Pan and Zoom and Slow Motion modes • Swipe-to-Shoot mode • Free View and First Person View • Regular or Hexagonal billiard tables • Allows Curve and Masse shots and full English • Intuitive User Interface • Many different sceneries • Multiple fancy ball designs (textures) • Portrait and Landscape modes • Built-in Help Manuals explain how to play • Recent Games option for single-click start • Hours of funIf you've ever thought about playing pool on a real table, Pool Break is the perfect way to try a variety of games and pick your favorite. Use Pool Break as a recreational game, or use its dead-on, real life rendering and geometry to help improve your skills for league night. With place-and-shoot and pool drill games, this is the perfect app for tweaking your game, and practicing those tricky shots that require nerves of steel. So what do you get with this app? Over a dozen Pool, Billiard and Snooker games, as well as two popular board games Carrom and Crokinole that are played with discs. In other words - enough cue-games to keep you busy for a long time.Pool Break Games Include: • US 8-Ball Pool • UK 8-Ball Pool • 9-Ball Pool • 10-Ball Pool • 6-Ball Pool • 3-Ball Billiard • 7-Ball Pool • Rotation Pool • 4-Ball Billiards • One Pocket Pool • Straight or 14.1 Continuous Pool • 3-cushion Billiards • 1-cushion Billiards • Pool Drills • Place-n-Shoot Pool and Snooker • Snooker (15, 6 or 10 Reds) • Carrom (three board styles) • Crokinole board gameFeeling competitive? Choose head to head action with the pass-n-play feature, even more intense competition against the computer, or go online for some cross-platform action with other players. With 4 different difficulty levels to choose from, you'll go from a novice to a seasoned professional in no time. Don't get Snookered! Download Pool Break now rack up some serious fun! It's your break!
Can You Escape - Deluxe Out Now!Browsing through a job search site you stumble upon an interesting vacancy - “Looking for a time traveler”. You read further: “Looking for a healthy, young man or woman to commit a series of time travels. Time machine is stable, but it wasn’t tested on people yet. You have a great chance of becoming the world’s first time traveler! Paying a fixed amount for the experiment and 25% of my future Nobel’s prize.” You are interested enough to check out who is the mad man that wrote it. Or is it true?..Time Travel Escape is a first game in the series that lets you travel not only through space, but through time! You will visit Ice Age, ancient Japan, Middle Ages, Napoleonic Wars and more. Break codes, solve puzzles and use all your logic to escape! But be careful not to ruin the cause & effect relation, or else you might return to a place that is not the one you leaved in the first place.
The best Escape games for iPhone and iPad
Over 5 Million Downloads - See what the hype is aboutEnjoy flying over the city of Las Vegas in one of 8 unique aircraft. Explore the city or embark on a campaign of missions for the Las Vegas Mob Boss.Over 130 sq miles of the city of Las Vegas are modeled in incredible detail. This level of detail hasn't been seen in any flight simulator on any platform. The famous Las Vegas strip includes over 50 hotels that are modeled with photo realism. Fly past the Luxor, buzz the New York New York, or attempt a landing on top of the Bellagio.Flight Unlimited also features street traffic, a first for a mobile flight simulator. Cars, trucks, and buses zoom around the city. Can you and your plane share the road?This is without a doubt, the most graphically advanced flight simulator in the app store. Weeks after flying you'll notice meticulous graphical details for the first time. Tires smoke as the plane hits the ground, aircraft metal deforms in a crash, the Bellagio fountains spring to life, sun glare blinds your view, and more.The Flight Unlimited team is dedicated to providing game updates. Features: - Console quality graphics- The game engine recognizes the device being used (iPod 4, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5) and optimizes the graphics to their maximum potential- Over 130 sq miles of satellite imaged terrain- Grand Theft Auto style Missions- Volumetric clouds and enhanced lighting effects- 8 aircraft including the Cessna 172, Challenger Learjet, Douglas DC-3, Robin DR400, Grumman Goose Amphibious Aircraft, Pitts Special, A10 Tank Killer, P40 Mustang, and the FA/18 (IAP)- Full flap, gear, brake, and rudder controls- Cockpit camera, Chase camera, Tower camera, and a full customizable camera- Street traffic (cars and buses)- Advanced particle effects (tire smoke, engine fires, water splash)- Destructive aircraft bodies. Wings rip off, engines separate, the aircraft metal bends and deforms.
The best flight simulators for iPhone
550+ professional Crossword puzzles for your coffee break. 33 puzzles are free, with all features enabled, and no ads.These are casual level puzzles suitable for all.Features: - great for iPads and iPhones - pinch zooming grid - landscape mode with clue list - cheats and answer checking - Resume button - useful preferences to enhance gameplay - no ads
The best crossword apps for iPhone
The planet Earth has been destroyed by a strange alien race called " Tron " .The army of the new Earth 2 decides to create a new type of weapon, the Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders.The Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders are specially created to eliminate Tron attack forces .Like a space invaders classic, game are equipped with a large arsenal of weapons, blasters, drones, missiles and shields.The starfall are not a threat that threatens the peace of the galaxy, in Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders find asteroids, over 60 missions , fight with bosses and many upgrades for your Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders .- Galaxy Strikers:Space Invaders Features:- Destroy asteroids and Tron.- 3 Types of classes spaceships each with a different type of skill.- Over 60 levels with beautiful design to enjoy.- Improvements to your ships, drones, blasters, missiles, shields and more.- Compelling story with two alternate endings.- The controls are easy to learn and use, keeping the old feeling of playing in a game room.- Translated into more than 7 languages!- Game Free for everyone.- Special space defense games on galaxy.- 60 Levels with space fleets.- 6 Final Boss in galaga wars.- 12 Spaceship to customize.A new spaceship game, where you can select your spaceship and upgrade or customize alot of weapons, shiled, or magnet!Our cool shooting games have special soundTrack, you could download or enjoy it playing the best shooting game ever. If you like laser shooting games, you must play Galaxy Strikers, is a shooting game on space and you must protect the Earth, then this is your space invaders free game.Visit our Facebook page and give us your opinion to further improve our game: site: mail developer: admin@24codelimit.comGalaxy Strikers: Space invaders. A shooting Game!
Ask the magic shell a YES-NO question, pull up the rope and let the shell speak! Thousands of Conch Shells merged into one mega simulator and available for all user of the game.I'm getting married? What do I do? It will rain tomorrow? Who will be the next president? And more other question! How it works: 1. Ask a question. 2. Pull up the magic rope 3. Listen to what the Magic Conch Shell says! Ask question to magic conch shell and pull rope! In many years magic conch shell help people to make decision by answering unexpected question. Ask yes/No and you will know the truth from magic conch shell. Magic conch shell has already more than half a million fans all over the world! The magic conch shell won the trust of many people and really affected to many important events. Play too exciting mini games, pass quest, collect points and open the main secret of the game - know who lives in the magic conch shell?! It happens that you need to go somewhere but you don't want. It seems everything is against this trip, to make final decision you need any sign or push. In such situations magic conch shell will help you.
***WARNING: Due to heavy graphics requirements, The Room Pocket is only compatible with the iPhone 4S & upwards, and iPod Touch 5th Generation - it is NOT compatible with the older iPhone 4 or iPod 4th Generation***The Room Pocket is a Free-To-Try app - you can play the first level for free and if you like it, a one-off fee will unlock the rest of the game.*****************How are you, old friend?If you’re reading this, then it worked. I only hope you can still forgive me.We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must put such things behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn.You must come at once, for we are all in great peril. I trust you remember the house? My study is the highest room.Press forward with heart. There is no way back now.AS.******Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation, a mind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery in equal measure. Be transported into a unique space that blends spellbinding visuals with intriguing problems to solve.* Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural looking visuals ever seen on a mobile device.* Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls so natural you can play with one digit, to fully navigate this mysteriously beautiful 3D world.* Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard to put down, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you even know you're playing.* Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you're looking at? Think again.
The best logic games for iPhone
Now with 3 FREE Daily Puzzles Every Day!EXCLUSIVE Penny Press and Dell Magazines crosswords!Check out the new 100% FREE Easy, Medium and Hard Daily Puzzles. Solve as many as you like for FREE!Now with Deluxe Fun Sets and Value Pack Bundles, each offering a variety of fun, themed puzzles, collected just for you!Penny Dell Crosswords is the only daily crossword app in the App Store to exclusively feature the fun, Easy clues crossword style you know and love. All crossword puzzles, clues and solutions in this exciting and fun app are from the expert editorial team at Dell Magazines and Penny Press, the #1 crossword puzzle magazine publishers. The app also features Medium and Hard clue puzzles plus, Free Daily Crosswords from Penny Press and Dell Magazines for your iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod touch!In addition to the free Daily Crossword puzzle, test yourself with thousands of more challenging crossword puzzles – Deluxe Sets (with included Bonus Puzzles), Easy, Medium and Hard Crossword Puzzle Collections and more! Also included, a Free Crosswords Sampler Collection containing a batch of crossword puzzles with great clues to help get you started.Daily Puzzles are 100% Free. To make the crossword puzzle free, we designed with ads in mind to help cover the cost of bringing you the best crossword clues and solutions. You can also remove ads forever by using the Hide Ads feature or continue to enjoy the crossword puzzle free daily without limit.Deluxe Sets offer 35 puzzles, plus 5 bonus themed puzzles. Solve the crossword puzzle clues to unlock the themed Bonus puzzles. Are you up to the challenge of unlocking all 5 bonus themed puzzles? We think you'll do great!Crossword Puzzle Collections include 150 of the best exclusive Penny Press and Dell Magazines crossword puzzles with great, clever clues. These all-new collections include Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty crossword puzzles – choose the right challenge level for you. The crossword puzzle free design is meant to be solved in a single session, many offer Alternate Clues, all include free Hints and an option to Show Errors.Features: • Exclusive to Penny Dell Crossword apps – a second, alternate clue is available for many crossword puzzle Collections! • Want a little more help? Hints are available for letters and words. • Optional Smart Step navigation advances you effortlessly from one entry to the next. • Optional Pen/Pencil – Pen when your confidence is high, Pencil when you’re just not sure. • Easy to solve using the crossword puzzle free grid or the convenient text entry boxes. • Show Errors at the touch of a button. • Make it your own! Multiple settings options are available in all crosswords. • Robust Tutorials, User Tips and Helpful Hints enhance your solving experience.Happy Solving!
**** Total 200pcs HD Pictures *****This game is difficult, very difficult if your eye is not good enough.Classical Find it game, one hundred to play without getting tired.Each picture has 3 different, find the correct different add 15 sec. But when touch wrong position, time will decrease 30 sec. Every new Picture loaded will add 60sec. So total you will have 1.75min to complete each picture.Contains many pictures, and we will continue update and add.*** Our new game released*** Ludo 3D : A Unique Real Flying Chess / Aeroplane Chess
Play The World's #1 Daily Crossword Puzzle - FREE***Featured on CBS This Morning, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! & More***Play free daily crosswords and test your trivia skills! Come get your daily crossword fix - 100% FREE with Daily Celebrity Crossword. Join 4 Million+ players who exercise their brains every day with a dose of Daily Celebrity Crossword, the first daily puzzle written for today’s world.** CLASSIC CROSSWORD FUN - FOR EVERYONESolve crossword puzzles, with pop culture trivia and quiz questions for you to answer on the board! Stay up to date with the hottest celebrities and solve word puzzles created by the world’s most published crossword writers - the same people who write crossword puzzles for the world’s top newspapers and magazines. Our team of 30 ALL STAR crossword writers are on a mission to create the world’s BEST crosswords for you 365 days a year. Our team is led by our co-editors Trip Payne (co-star of the crossword documentary Wordplay) and Amy Reynaldo (author of How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword).** DAILY CELEBRITY CROSSWORD FEATURES:• Train your brain with easy to solve crossword puzzles! • Access over 1000 Celebrity Crosswords with dozens of themes - with brand new crosswords added EVERY DAY! • Bonus puzzles with dozens of extra themed word puzzles! • Never get stuck! Use hints like See Wrong, 10 Letters, and Reveal Word to keep going!• Try a brand new themed puzzle every day! Movie Monday TV Tuesday Wayback Wednesday Top 40 Thursday Sports Fan Friday Smartypants Saturday Sunday Funday ….and many more surprise & bonus puzzles!Download the best online crossword puzzle today and solve the #1 word puzzles FREE today with Daily Celebrity Crossword!Questions? Comments? Bugs? Please contact
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Math Planet is the world’s most fun math game curriculum!“So much fun they hardly realize they are doing math!" - Jodi K., Math Teacher at Fort Cherry Elementary Center“My students absolutely love this program!” - Mandy D., Math Teacher at Norwin School DistrictKEY FEATURES + 30+ game levels supporting Common Core State Standards + World class Math Fact Fluency System + RIGOROUS: builds high-need skills with conceptual learning and fluency + Learning Analytic Dashboard to track learning progress + Research-based and approved by top educatorsAWARD WINNING Math Planet games have won many prestigious awards, including: ** National STEM Game Competition ** Educational App Grand Challenge ** New York City Department of Education "Gap App" competitionTOPICS COVERED 1. Number Sense - Order, Round and Compare Whole Numbers; Multiples, Factors and Prime Numbers 2. Place Value - Place Values in Whole Numbers; Place Values in Decimals; Add and Subtract based on Place Values 3. Addition - Fluent Addition; Estimate Sums; Patterns in Addition Table 4. Subtraction - Fluent Subtraction; Estimate Differences 5. Multiplication - Multiplication Properties; Multiplication based on Place Values; Multiply by multiples of 10; Patterns in Multiplication Table; Estimate Products 6. Division - Division Properties; Division based on Place Values; Divide by multiples of 10; Estimate Quotient 7. Fraction - Parts and Wholes; Fractions as Whole numbers; Equivalent Fractions; Compare Fractions; Order Fractions; Fractions on Number Line; Add Fractions; Subtract Fractions; Fraction and Whole Number Multiplication 8. Decimal - Place values in Decimals; Compare Decimals; Decimals on Number Line 9. Mixed Number - Understand Mixed Numbers; Compare Mixed Numbers with Fractions 10. Measurement - Read and Write Time using Analog and Digital Clock; Add and Subtract Time; Angle Measurement; Add and Subtract Angles 11. Geometry - Angle Concept, Partitioning ShapesPERFECT FOR SUMMER Research from Duke University shows that students lose an average of 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in computational ability over the summer. Math Planet’s fun and addictive math games are the perfect way to battle Math Summer Slide.DESIGNED BY LEARNING SCIENTISTS Math Planet was designed by learning scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and has been tested in hundreds of classrooms. Randomized Controlled Trials have proven significant learning outcomes and transfer within individual games.NEW ADAPTIVE LEARNING Math Planet is powered by a new generation of adaptive machine learning tools that measurably improve over time. When you play, you learn, our games learn - and we all help advance the science of learning! It's a win-win-win.FEEDBACK We're always listening - so please send your feedback! contactus@playpowergames.comCONTACT + Facebook: + Twitter: + Website:
Keep your brain fit with this addicting puzzle game!The idea is simple: put the colorful shapes into one big rectangle by moving them with your finger.Don't be fooled by the fact it sounds easy. It's not. Do you love cracking puzzles? You will definitely love this one!Features: - 90 levels to exercise your brain with - A single universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - Amazing Retina graphics - Sharing of high scores to Facebook and Twitter
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Become a pharaoh and fight against the evil god Seth to retake control of Egypt.Empires of Sand represents a step ahead in the strategy game genre, combining management and tower defense.Defend your base against enemy attack while you send your troops out to finish off your opponents.During your adventure you also have to defend and manage your main city. Construct new buildings, gain the favor of Osiris, research upgrades for your troops and use them in battle to get your empire back.FOUR GAME MODES:■ Empire management: manage your resources to expand your city and develop your army. ■ Player vs Player (PvP): play against other pharaohs in real time to become the greatest pharaoh in Egypt. ■ Campaign: challenge Seth’s troops to retake Egypt in history mode. ■ City defense: construct and manage your city’s defenses to protect it from pharaohs trying to steal your resources.KEY FEATURES:- Play online in real time against other players. - Send your troops to fight your rivals while you defend your base. - Explore all five game modes. - Connect with your friends and play with them in real time. - Chat with other pharaohs from your country. - High resolution graphics. - Optimized for iPhone 6 and Retina display.PRESS QUOTES:- "The tower defense part is done excellently and the campaign that you can play is really great." "Empires of Sand is a fun take on the tower defense app game" "The colorful graphics and interesting additions to the genre make it well worth a try." "All of this adventure and excitement is accompanied by high-resolution graphics which carefully straddle the line between realism and ‘cartoonish’ design" indiegamemag.comEmpires of Sand is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and RussianVISIT THE OFFICIAL PAGE LIKE THE GAME FOLLOW US
Empires of Sand app review : Kingdom Rush of Clans
Train your brain with 100 (+12) different types of Puzzle Games !Can't stand Sudoku ? Or actually, maybe you love it, but you’re looking for a change ? These puzzle games are a lot more entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar mental exercise.Choose among increasingly difficult and big puzzle levels, save your progress, undo, restart and take advantage of the hints to keep going when stuck.An ideal companion for spare time, with enough variety you’re sure to find at least one game you’ll love.PARKS • Plant the Trees. But not too close ! SNAIL • 1,2,3…1,2,3…Follow the Trail SKYSCRAPERS • Find the Skyline ! TENTS • Each camper wants his shade. But his privacy too ! ABCD • It’s easy as ABC. Well, almost ! BATTLESHIPS • Play solo Battleships. No peeking ! NURIKABE • Walls and Gardens. Well, actually just one Wall and many Gardens HITORI • Shady numbers LIGHTEN UP • Lighten your room, but not the light bulbs ! MAGNETS • Respect the attraction. And the repulsion ! HIDDEN STARS • They must be somewhere, just follow the arrows BRANCHES • A branching alternative to Nurikabe TATAMI • 1,2,3…1,2,3…Fill the mats FUTOSHIKI • A classic in inequalities HIDDEN PATH • Jump and follow the arrows BLOCKED VIEW • This time it’s just one Garden and many Walls FILLOMINO • Number those Parks BLACK BOX • Fire Lasers, Find Atoms ! NUMBER LINK • The Number Connection MASYU • Necklace and Pearls SLITHERLINK • Looping Minesweeper MOSAIK • Puzzler Painter LINESWEEPER • Revenge of the Looping Minesweeper HIDATO • Numbers Maze KAKURO • Sum it up ! CALCUDOKU • Math Sudoku LANDSCAPER • Variety is key ! GALAXIES • Spiraling into Space CLOUDS • Weather Radar ROOMS • Close that door ! DOMINO • Tiles and Tiles LOOPY • Enough Slitherlink ? RIPPLE EFFECT • Mind the Ripples ! BOX IT UP • Boxing Interval WALLS • Maze of Bricks SLANTED MAZE • Maze of Slants ! MATHRAX • Diagonal Math Wiz (… many more !!)Features: • 10000 puzzle levels • Gamecenter achievements and leaderboards • Pinch Zoom for big puzzles • Auto-save game and quick resuming • In-game rules and solved example • Timed Hints • Note-taking for complex puzzles • Single game progress in list • Single purchase to remove the ads on all devices and get a Quick Input Panel for less tapsHave fun !
The best iPad apps for logic games
8bitWar puts your strategical and tactical thinking to the test! Hire units and place them in strategic formations to counter the enemy's army.A total of 180 levels! Play against a friend on the same device or online.
How long will you survive in the abyss?Dive now into the abyss, in an endless quest for survival. You are born as a fragile jellyfish, struggling to maintain a fading light in the darkness of the deep ocean caves.Explore this mysterious underworld and absorb all the light you find on your way to live a few more seconds. But be aware... As poetic as this place seems to be, bizarre creatures and plants lurk in the obscurity, waiting to take a bite of you!Survival of the fittest inside nature's most well kept secret, the depths of the ocean.- Explore a gorgeous and endless underworld full of unknown dangers and strange creatures. - An unlimited experience where each game is unique. You'll never face the same challenge twice. - Intuitive controls specially made for touch devices. - A beautiful dynamic soundtrack reacting to the environment.
Featuring a colorful cast of silly pets from Ralphie the Cat to Oleg the Owl, join math-explorer Emma through more than 100 fun math games on a quest to help her animal friends explore the big city! Playable by kids of all ages with lots of positive encouragement, professional narration and catchy music.Designed by parents and teachers, this app adheres to Common Core Standards for kindergarten math. COUNTING & NUMBER RECOGNITION • To 100 by ones and by tens • Count forward beginning from a any number • Connect counting to numbers • Answer “How many?” questions • Compare two numbersADDITION & SUBTRACTION • Addition and subtraction with objects • Fluently add and subtract within 5 • Compare more of, less of CATEGORIES AND GEOMETRY • Classify objects into given categories • Correctly name shapes • Analyze and compare shapesADDITIONAL FEATURES: • Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated • Players are rewarded with positive encouragement • Parental controls: Turn off sounds, music, purchases and links to our other apps • We do not collect personal information from our users.COMMON CORE STANDARDS • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.1 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.2 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.5 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.C.7 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.OA.A.1 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.OA.A.2 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.OA.A.5 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.MD.A.2 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.MD.B.3 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.G.A.2 • CCSS.Math.Content.K.G.B.4“As parents and teachers, we believe in friction-free learning for kids of all ages. We strive to build fun experiences with eye-popping visuals, professional narration, catchy music, and lots of positive encouragement.Thank you for supporting us and making our vision come to life.Have fun!!”- Blake, Mike & Amanda, Eggroll Games
BangTheBook’s free sports betting information App features a mock sportsbook, leaderboards, free streak contest, daily betting trends, public pick consensus, top power lines from our exclusive power rankings, live odds and expert handicapper articles, game previews, free sports picks and more right to your iPhone. BTB covers all the major U.S. sports including the NFL, College Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB, and NHL.Mock Sportsbook – Start of with $1000 in virtual money and play against the books. There are four different online sportsbook lines to choose from. Make Straight bets, parlays and teasers. If you lose reload again free! Check out how other bettors are doing in our live leaderboards.Forum – Post your plays from our mock sportsbook directly to the forum or make regular posts. Interact and read what other members are doing in the forum.Consensus – Check the public betting consensus feed from real sportsbooks and our mock sportsbook to see where the action is going.Odds – Live odds for NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, College Basketball and NHLArticles – Free picks and previews on every game, expert handicapping articles, podcasts and moreTop Trends - A tool that uses a comprehensive statistical database to analyze trends and make recommendations based on historical team data. Beyond just simple spreads and totals, this tool also offers top analysis for the moneyline, teaser, halftime, and run lines as well. The "unit" designation indicates how many betting units above or below even a player would be had they wagered one unit on the named team in every game that particular trend has qualified for.Top Power Lines - The Top Power Lines tool offers a way to view and compare current Power Lines in one simple report, as well as the Power Line Edge, where the Power Line differs significantly from the current line.
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Ein neues Mario-Spiel – steuerbar mit einer Hand! Endlich ist es so weit. Mario springt auch auf dem iPhone und dem iPad – in einem ganz neuen Abenteuer, das du mit nur einer Hand steuerst! Selbst wenn dies dein erstes Mario-Spiel ist, wirst du es nicht mehr aus der Hand legen wollen! In diesem Spiel bewegst du dich in den Leveln konstant vorwärts und führst dabei eine Reihe von Sprüngen aus, um deinen Charakter zu steuern. Das Timing deiner Berührungen des Bildschirms ist dabei besonders wichtig und beeinflusst, wie sich dein Charakter verhält. Dein Geschick ist also gefragt, um Münzen zu sammeln, das Ziel zu erreichen und Mario dabei auch noch gut aussehen zu lassen. Super Mario Run hat drei unterschiedliche Modi: - Der erste Modus verfügt über herausfordernde Level, die abgeschlossen werden wollen. - Im zweiten Modus trittst du gegen die Spieldaten von abgeschlossenen Leveln anderer Spieler an. Dabei geht es darum, wer den Level stilvoller abschließt! - Im dritten Modus kannst du dir dein eigenes Pilz-Königreich mithilfe der Münzen erschaffen, die du dir beim Spielen der ersten beiden Modi verdient hast. Enthält In-App-Käufe.
Brilliant fun for all ages - possibly the hardest Spot the Difference app!Enjoy difference finding in beautiful HD image packs - London, Water, New York, and Attractions. Want more? Tell us!Crafted to suit all screen sizes.Brought to you by who created the hit iPad game World Of Hidden Objects.
The best Spot the difference apps for the iPad
Go undercover and investigate a mysterious cult to save your friend!Detective Kate Gray’s best friend Melissa, has gone missing after her “too good to be true” date. Kate investigates only to discover that Melissa has disappeared into a mysterious cult. Use your wits to solve puzzles and break into the cult. Meet other cult members and decide who is friend or foe. Go undercover to investigate the shadowy past of the cult and escape with Melissa.Join millions of happy Adventure Escape players and see if you can solve the Cult Mystery!Play this premium escape game!- Beautiful graphics bring haunting scenes to life! - Explore the cult grounds and unravel the story behind this mysterious place! - Solve devious puzzles and riddles! - Get the whole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay! - Gather tools and items to aid in your escape! - Memorable characters! - Find hidden objects that help you break free! - It’s free! No registration, no hassles, just download and play. Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery! Can you bring down the cult and escape before it’s too late?
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The App Stores most user friendly Sudoku game, for FREE!Features: - Unlimited Sudokus in 4 different difficulty settings. - Great statistics that help track your progress. - Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements.
The best Sudoku apps for iPhone
▻Sudoku is Sudoku with Point System, Runs, and Online Leaderboards. Discover the next evolution of Sudoku with amazing graphics, animations, and ease of use. This is a Sudoku like one you have never experienced before ;)...Thousands of puzzles, all free. Top class puzzles with selectable level of difficulty :) ________________________________ To the classic Sudoku, we added:=> A smart point system, wherein your score is based on 1) the value of each number multiplied (at the time of its match) by a multiplier that decreases in time and 2) the value of each block, row, column multiplied (at the time of its completion) by the decreasing multiplier=> Thanks to Game Center, you can now rank and compare Sudoku scores and achievements against friends and strangers=> ▻Sudoku also counts the runs, that is, each uninterrupted sequence of games won, and adds them to the online leaderboards ________________________________ In ▻Sudoku, you win a game when you solve a puzzle with 3 errors or less (we used this threshold to give a bit of slack for mis-tapping :) Also, you have a number of hints to help you play (more at the easy, less at the hard level). To fit any taste, you can choose between a lush tile look or a more classic board look :) ________________________________ You gain access to medium level after you win the easy level 2 times consecutively, same for hard level (3 times) ________________________________ What our testers are saying:• "The game is perfect! I am really loving ▻Sudoku. It is very addicting and fun, absolutely the best sudoku I have ever played." • "Fabulous! You turned me into a ▻Sudoku fan hook, line and sinker :)" • "The gameplay of ▻Sudoku is great, very smooth." • "Great app - love it! Well done! Love the start up sounds/music!"
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Sit back and relax with a jigsaw puzzle without the clean-up or the hassle of losing pieces! Jigsaw Puzzle provides hours of entertainment for you and your whole family. You'll never need to buy a $20 jigsaw puzzle again. You'll also never need to look for those missing pieces on the floor!Jigsaw Puzzle is great for puzzlers of all ages! Simply adjust the difficulty of the puzzle for the player.Don't be fooled by imitations. Jigsaw Puzzle is the only app in the App Store made by the jigsaw puzzle experts!FEATURES• Play from our collection of over 14,000 of beautiful, high quality images! • A new FREE puzzle every day!! • FREE downloadable content • Constantly updated puzzle packs • Turn your personal photos into your own custom puzzles! • You can play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! • Play large puzzles! • up to 400-piece puzzles (iPad) • up to 225-piece puzzles (iPhone 6 Plus) • up to 100-piece puzzles (iPhone/iPod Touch) • Music soundtracks • Move pieces in groups • Scatter pieces out of the puzzle area with a single command • Optionally rotate pieces for a greater challenge • Challenge yourself with the special Tournament Pack • Randomized pieces -- no two puzzles are the same • Work on more than one puzzle at a time • Saves every puzzle you've ever solved • Share completed puzzles with your friends • Game Center leaderboards -- Compete with your friends! • 40+ distinct achievements to unlock
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WELCOME TO THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON MOBILE! When Maleficent casts an evil spell on the Kingdom, ridding it of all of its powerful magic, can you help bring it all back? Relive the thrill of Disney Parks and create the most fantastical Park of your dreams in Disney Magic Kingdoms! EXTRAORDINARY & TIMELESS DISNEY PARK ATTRACTIONS • Charming attractions such as "it's a small world," Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor and Space Mountain from Disney Parks around the world, including Disneyland, California Adventure, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris! • Dazzling new attractions found only in the game such as WALL-E's House and Cyclops Sushi -- all uniquely inspired by their movies! • Relive magical moments from the Parks with lively Parades featuring beautiful floats and fireworks! CHARACTERS SPANNING MORE THAN 90 YEARS OF DISNEY • Share spectacular moments with beloved characters such as the ever-optimistic Mickey Mouse, the spirited princess Rapunzel, brave space ranger Buzz Lightyear, the sweet and sassy Tinker Bell and more! • Hundreds of whimsical and animated quests that bring every pixel of your Kingdom to life! • Collect memorable Disney-themed items to bring each character back from Maleficent's evil spell! A RIVETING TALE OF HEROES AND VILLAINS • Unravel a magical story and an exciting adventure with every tap! • Stand off against menacing villains such as Pete, Mother Gothel, and Zurg to save the Kingdom! Come on and join us in the most magical place on mobile! *IMPORTANT* Disney Magic Kingdoms requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch (5th Generation). _____________________________________________ You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, when you input your iTunes account password. You will not be asked to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. Once your iTunes account password is entered, your account will allow in-app purchases for 15 minutes. To restrict or disable in-app purchases, you can change the settings on your device. This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising. Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet. _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailers on Discover our blog at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: End-User License Agreement:
The world’s cutest jumping game, Poos Caboose, has changed the way people play and interact with mobile games. Featuring a Poos for everyone, Poos Caboose engages anyone from young children, to college kids, to parents, to grandparents. The game is simple, fun, and extremely addicting. You start the game as an adorable cat we call Poos. To play, time your taps so that the next Caboose lines up with your Poos. Each successful jump awards one point. At the end of each round, points turn into poos coin, which can be used to purchase customized pooses. To rack up poos coin faster, you can purchase some to help keep the game free. Legend has it that no one has ever collected all the pooses. You won’t!Alas, here’s a piece of elegant poetry describing gameplay to seal the deal: Leaping gracefully from caboose to caboose, You embody a cute little poos. See how many points you can produce, To unlock more pooses you can use.Each update will roll out additional pooses. Feel free to reach out to us with any special Poos requests or recommendations:Follow us on social media for sneak peeks at what’s coming next: Facebook - @PoosCaboose Instagram - @PoosCaboose Twitter - @PoosCaboose
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181 professional Cryptic Crossword puzzles to keep you pondering. 18 puzzles are free, with all features enabled, and no ads.These are cryptic level crosswords, suitable for seasoned crossword enthusiasts.Features: - pinch zooming grid - cheats, highlight mistakes and answer checking - no ads - resume button - extra preferences (jump letters, grey out completed clues, etc)If you're finding Cryptic a little too challenging, why not try our standard 'Crossword' or 'Crossword US' apps.
The best crossword apps for iPhone
The #1 Texas Holdem poker coaching app where top pros evaluate your every move and reward you for making quality decisions.Check out what reviewers are saying:5 stars: "Fantastic! - This app really makes you think! It's like playing at a real tournament. Glad I bought it. It has definitely changed the way I will play from now on!"5 stars: "Excellent App! Don't use this and sit at my table!"5 stars: "Makes you realize how deep the game is. This app is improving my game tremendously"5 stars: "Great way to brush up our thinking skills before a game! Love this app..."5 stars: "Great app - Finally a Poker app that helps me improve my game against my poker buddies"On Twitter: "@InstaPoker - I really loving this app. It breaks scenarios down in a very detailed and playable manner. Great job guys"Play challenging hands and receive instant feedback from the pros, including poker’s all-time leading money winner, Antonio Esfandiari, and WSOP Main Event winner and owner of 4 WSOP bracelets, Huckleberry Seed. Win and score by making quality decisions, not by winning chips. Features: * Poker hands are packaged into Hand-Packs™, covering various aspects of Hold'em from low-stakes home games to major tournament events.* Win in-app currency, called ProCoins, based on the merit of your play, not the outcome of the hand. Use ProCoins to unlock Bonus Hand-Packs.* Game scenarios crafted by world-class poker pros and based on actual hands played in WSOP and WPT tournaments and cash games.* Contributing pros include Antonio Esfandiari, Huck Seed, Daniel O’Brien, Jonathan Little, Amir Lehavot, Matt Berkey and Konstantin Othmer.* Each move is followed by detailed explanations that open your eyes to the way top pros think and play.* Play for FREE an entire Hand-Pack! You can also PREVIEW a hand from each Premium Hand-Pack, over 24 free hands.* No account creation, no network connection to play. Download the hand-packs and play anywhere to improve your poker skills and to see if you can play like a pro. **************************** “I thought I was a decent hold ‘em player – until pros Antonio Esfandiari and Huck Seed told me otherwise.” - Michael Shapiro, San Francisco Chronicle **************************** Gameplay basics: Make the “Best Move,” and you are awarded +3 ProCoins. Make a “Good Move” or “Fair Move” and you’ll earn +2 or +1 ProCoins, respectively. Make a “Bad Move,” and well, zero points for you, but you will earn the advice of the pro, who will explain why it was the wrong decision and his thought process behind making the right one.The goal of each Hand-Pack is to score a perfect +3 ProCoins on every move of every hand. Do so, and you’ll be fast on your way to mastering No-Limit Hold ‘em and outplaying your opponents at the poker table, whether in your home game or the World Series in Las Vegas.Privacy Policy:
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Learning a language is a voyage of discovery! Explore over 100 languages and hop on board a learning journey that is fuelled by memory Science. Our adaptive engine tracks your progress and helps you review just at the right time: it’s rocket fuel for your mind!Multiple game modes boost different aspects of your memory and keep you flying high on your learning journey.FEATURES:- Courses that help you learn languages as they are naturally used by native speakers - Games, goals and rewards that turn language learning into a smooth and easy ride - Powered by the latest learning technology that guarantees effective learning - Over 100 languages and topics to choose from, learn any of them for free!Ready to start your journey? Enjoy the ride!Millions of people worldwide use Memrise to learn over 100 different languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, and many more. PRO FEATURESWe offer a paid Pro subscription on top of the free learning experience, which grants you access to an extra set of learning games and includes download of any course for offline use.Pro is available on monthly, 3-month and yearly tiers, each of which auto-renews.The monthly tier is priced at $8.99 / month. The 3-month tier is priced at $18.99 / quarter. The yearly tier is priced at $59.99 / year.Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off in at least 24-hours before the end of the current payment period.Unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings, your account will be automatically charged at the same price tier for renewal within the 24 hour period prior to the end of the current payment period. YOUR MEMRISE JOURNEY CONTINUES!On the road: On Twitter & Instagram: @memrise On Facebook: Policy: Terms of Use:
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Run to save the world in this humoristic tribute to retro sci-fi movies! A fun, challenging runner with tons of content!! Start with a simple combat runner and evolve your gameplay to ultimately navigate masterfully through challenging level configurations and boss fights!- Over 700 000 downloads, 10 million games played! - Featured by Apple! - Covered on The Totally Rad Show! - What the press has to say:4.5/5 touch arcade "From presentation to gameplay to overall fun factor, DRWAPS simply shines"4.5/5 iFanzine "DRWAPS is the kind of genre mashup gold that we need to see more often in the App Store"4/5 appspy "DRWAPS's book and try to provide an experience that goes beyond mindless platforming"4/5 148Apps "DRWAPS is another solid endless runner with a little bit of action-platformer thrown in"4.5/5 padgadget "DRWAPS is an action-packed infinite runner that fans of the genre won’t want to miss out on."5/5 iphonegameruk "November Game of the Month"4.5/5 apptudes "gorgeous and full of personality, it effortlessly blends platforming, action, and RPG elements into a fantastically entertaining experience"5/5 app-score "DRWAPS is yet another running game that has used the iPhone to the best of it’s ability"4/5 touchgen "DRWAPS is a fun entry in the endless running genre that brings both storyline, and humour to the table"4/5 modojo "We grew tired of "runners" months ago, but DRWAPS renewed our faith in these types of games"4.5/5 iPhone Alley "the amount of content that’s here is enough to satisfy any casual gamer or the ideal hardcore"4.5/5 crasymikeapps "DRWAPS is a side scrolling platformer with more personality than most, leveraging excellent graphics and in depth gameplay"4/5 iphoneappreviews "DRWAPS is one of those games that keeps your coming back for more, even once all upgrades are purchased"4/5 AppsJP4.5/5 backtothegeek "If you like runners, jump on it" -------------------------For a long time Cornelius has been working at the local comic books stand shop. For about as long, he's been daydreaming about how somehow, someday, he'd become a Hero. After all, wasn't what the fortune cookie was saying, right? ... right? Fortunately the Aliens invasion would come just in time to provide with this opportunity...Don't Run is a breathtaking, retro sci-fi, combat based, funny sidescroller with tons of content.Anyway, what more can you ask for than running with a plasma sword, slicing-up invading aliens?------------- Main Features -------------- Universal App - Retina display - 5 environments: City, Factory, Mother ship, Alien Planet, Tandoori Moon - 2 Game Modes: - Story mode with fixed game progression, save points, boss fights and 3-stars rating system - Endless mode with 4 levels of difficulty, random map generation and objectives to accomplish - Did we say it? Boss fights! - Breathtaking action! Hundreds of small hand crafted map sections put together dynamically to make sure to bring out a maximum of diversity and generate a controlled difficulty progression. - A unique 3 buttons contextual controls scheme: jump, slide, slash which becomes double jump, dive and dash in the air - Several types of monster with their own gameplay, traps to avoid, power-ups and rewards to collect - Upgrades! Collect xp in game to level up your avatar on skills and avatar customization - Game Center leaderboard and achievements - Comic storyboards - Awesome soundtrack and sound effects - 2 supported languages, English and French
• • Why limit yourself to one type of solitaire, when you can enjoy 5 different solitaire games- for free! • • This app is packed full of features, including...• 5 Fun solitaire games to play • Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad • HD Retina display support • Detailed help, to easily learn new games • Great sound effects • Automatic saving/loading • Great cardbacks and backgrounds. • Fireworks when you finish a game!The games available are...• Freecell • Golf Solitaire • Klondike • Pyramid Solitaire • YukonWhy not check it out today?
The best iPhone apps for solitaire
Designed specifically for the iPad and the new iOS and written in classic British English, Clean Crossword is different and possibly the best crossword ever published for tablets. The clues are shown right in the puzzle grid, making puzzles easy to view and play for weeks of challenging fun.
The best crossword apps for iPad
**As seen on the Today Show!** From the team that brought you Words With Friends comes Crosswords With Friends - the first daily crossword puzzle that’s written for today’s world! We’ve teamed up with People Magazine to test your brain power with a new puzzle every day that’s relevant to entertainment, celebrity, and sports news happening NOW!Crosswords with Friends presents the world’s BEST crosswords for you 365 days a year. Led by co-editors Trip Payne (co-star of the crossword documentary Wordplay) and Amy Reynaldo (author of How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword), our daily crosswords are created by some of the world’s most published crossword writers. Get ready for a top-notch crossword experience! Game Features - English Only Game Crosswords Written By Industry Experts: Exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary by solving crossword puzzles created by crossword champions and writers from top newspapers! Fun Puzzle Themes 7-Days A Week: Play a new crossword for free every day, and enjoy unique, fun themes! Challenge yourself with exclusive People Magazine celebrity puzzles, and thousands more in the calendar. Climb The Leaderboard: Challenge your friends and check the leaderboard to see who solved the daily puzzle the fastest!Play Alongside Words With Friends: Flip back-and-forth between these two challenging puzzle games. Master both games for twice the fun and build your vocabulary twice as fast!Helpful Hints When You Need Them: Stuck on a word? Use hints to move ahead faster. Playing Crosswords With Friends challenges your brain, improves your pop culture knowledge, and lets you compete with friends. Download and play the all new Crosswords With Friends for FREE!Additional information: The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD.
Solitaire by MobilityWare is the ORIGINAL maker of Solitaire with Daily Challenges. We’re ALWAYS updating our Solitaire to include fun new features! If you like Windows Solitaire, you're going to love this app. The familiar Windows Solitaire game you used to play on your computer is now available on the go! Check out the new Solitaire iMessage Stickers for your text messages! To send a sticker, open your Messages app. Tap the Apps button (which looks like the App Store icon), then select our Solitaire icon to view and pick from the sticker pack.We’ve always aimed to recreate the simple fun of the classic game of Solitaire. Each day you’ll receive a unique Daily Challenge. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns! Your Daily Challenges, crowns, and current trophy status are available to view any time.You can also play Daily Challenges on the Apple Watch! Play the current day’s deal and replay it as many times as you’d like on that day. The Draw 3 option on your iPhone is also reflected on the Apple Watch. Play by yourself or challenge other players in real-time. Solitaire can deal the same hand to multiple players so they can compete against each other at the same time. You can have your choice of playing with your friends or testing your solitaire strategy against a completely random player. Just because it’s Solitaire doesn’t mean that the play has to be solitary!Haven't won in a while? The Winning Deals feature creates a game that deals hands guaranteed to have at least one winning solution. Use "Show Me How To Win" to help walk you through the moves required to win the deal if you still need a hand.Use our spectacular Holiday Theme Packs to spice up your Solitaire game! Give your Solitaire room a new look with a Halloween, Winter Wonderland, or Valentine’s Day theme.Think you have the best Solitaire score around? With Apple's Game Center enabled, you can check the Game Center leaderboards to see how your Solitaire skills stack up against top players all around the world!Solitaire is a universal app, playable in the best resolution available for each Apple device. FEATURES: -NEW iMessage Stickers -Daily Challenges -Theme Packs -Multiplayer Solitaire -Winning Deals -Show Me How To Win -Game Center leaderboards -3D Touch in phone menu -Draw 1 card -Draw 3 cards -Portrait -Landscape -Custom card backs -Custom backgrounds -Achievements -Right or left handed play -Game state saved when interrupted -Unlimited undo -Auto complete to finish game -Standard scoring -Vegas scoring -StatisticsAPPLE WATCH FEATURES: -View completed Daily Challenges, jeweled crowns, and current trophy status -Draw 3 option on your iPhone reflected on the Apple Watch -Countdown to next day’s challenge -Replay the current day’s challengeThe addicting game you’ve been playing on your computer for years now goes wherever you do. Download Solitaire today! For answers to frequently asked questions, head over to US on Facebook US on Twitter @mobilitywareFor the latest info and what we are up to, check out and supported by MobilityWare
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Best. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most popular farming game on mobiles and tablets, number one in 122 countries.Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends. It’s a real special place where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun!PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in­-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is also required.~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~ * Grow and customize your farm * Trade crops and fresh goods with neighbors and friends through your very own roadside shop * Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat * Repair your dock and cast your lure to fish the waters * Build your own town and welcome visitors~~~~~~~~~~~ MEDIA MENTIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~Hay Day‘s presentation is fairly cinematic for a mobile game. It’s eye candy. The controls are also smooth, non intrusive, and use the iPhone’s touch screen well. your crops grow and your twee factories spew out products is a quietly pleasing experience. PLAYER REVIEWS ~~~~~~~~~~~5/5 The artwork is phenomenal, clear, missing no details and certainly comical.5/5 The animals are super cute and nothing ever dies. No pressure if you can’t play for a few days.5/5 I love this game I play it everyday to build my farm up. I love how it branches out from just a farm to fishing and mining. Overall very fun game :)5/5 Great game. Love the options!! Got this game for my iPad and it out does any other farm game I have played. Wonderful design and thought process.5/5 A “happy feel good” game! 6 stars from this girl!~~~~~~~~~~ SUPPORT ~~~~~~~~~~Neighbor, are you having problems? Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.Under our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, Hay Day is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years or over of age.Privacy Policy: of Service:'s Guide:
The best iPhone apps for farm games
Blackjack is an exciting game that any player is sure to enjoy. Place a bet, get more points than the dealer and win chips. Feel the risk as you dive into a casino atmosphere and catch fortune by the tail. Play online with people from the world over! Game features: GET REWARDS – Raise bets, win deals, go all in and unlock achievements. TALK TO OTHER PLAYERS – Use our convenient chat and messaging system to discuss the games you've won and share your experiences with friends and rivals. FREE CHIPS – Visit the game every day and get free chips. LEARN TO PLAY – Are you a new player and have you always wanted to test your mettle in Blackjack? We can help you take the first step. NO REGISTRATION – Use guest mode to play 21 without registering. SINGLE USER ACCOUNT – Your account is linked to Pokerist Texas Poker and Roulettist, allowing you to use contacts, achievements and chips in all three applications. CONVENIENT INTERFACE – The game's simple and entertaining interface gives you the ability to split, stand or double with a single tap. By downloading and using this application, you accept the terms of our user agreement: This game is designed only for adult users. The game does not provide a means to win real money or anything of value. Success in this game does not predict success in a similar game played with real money in a casino.Blackjack - Casino: the best casino game. Play Blackjack 21 online for free.
The best blackjack apps for iPad
The easiest way to play piano! Play with your eyes closed and fool your friends. Tap anywhere on the piano to play the next notes. You handle the timing, so you can play it fast or slow.Come see why Tiny Piano has become the #1 music app in 40 countries!Tiny Piano comes with over 400 songs to enjoy.It's fun... it's magical... and it's FREE!!!If you enjoy playing, please leave us a review and tell us what songs you'd like to see.Check out our 5-star reviews: + This an awesome app. I love it and so do my friends and family!! ~Tweety + This is amazing and it's actually helping me to play the piano better. ~Dimples102 + Now my friends think I can play like a pro. ~Rosie363457789 + My 6 yr old loves it. And it teaches him his colors and learning music. I love it. ~Amylouis + This app is really great! Like no other!! ~Jasmine168 + Much more fun than tapping random piano tiles. :-) ~HBT + I just love this app!!!!! Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing :) ~Stuffstuff78 + Really fun! And a lot of cool songs. Tiny yet satisfying. ~Lgeorgea + I feel like I can play! I knew my piano teacher was wrong all those years ago! ~Rainbeau + My little sister thinks she's a piano master and she screams every time she finishes a song. ~LPContact us: + +
The best piano apps for iPhone
The best crossword in the world is better than ever! Enjoy the same puzzles printed in the daily newspaper in the crossword app built by The New York Times.Start playing with unlimited access to the daily puzzles for seven days. After that, subscribe for full access to The Crossword on iOS and at ANYWHERE The Crossword subscription gives you access to The Crossword in the app and on Just connect or create an account and play anywhere. Your puzzles will be available in the app and on the web.DAILY PUZZLE This is the same puzzle that’s printed every day in The New York Times newspaper. Each daily puzzle is available the evening before at 10 p.m. E.T. (6 p.m. E.T. on weekends); enjoy Tuesday’s puzzle on Monday at 10 p.m. Practice and learn how to solve the puzzle on Monday or Tuesday, or challenge yourself with even more challenging puzzles later in the week.MINI PUZZLE Mini Puzzles are short, sweet and available every day without a subscription! Get a quick crossword fix when you don't have time for a daily puzzle.PUZZLE PACKS Download these themed puzzles and add them to your collection. The first puzzle in each pack is free to try. Check back for new packs!PAST PUZZLES Subscribers can also play over 20 years of classic puzzles from our archives.MODERN PUZZLE FEATURES Solve puzzles with tricks like rebuses, related clues, checking, revealing and more!Subscription options include an annual subscription at $39.99 per year and a monthly subscription at $6.99 per month. This amount will be charged to your iTunes account if purchased within the app. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of its term unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before expiration. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.Questions? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact us at or from within the app itself. Your feedback is important to us and we’ll do our best to assist you.Please note: A subscription to The New York Times Crossword does not include access to any other New York Times products, including but not limited to or mobile news content, e-reader additions, Times Premier, NYT Now, or other apps on non-iOS devices. No cancellations are allowed during active subscription period.
NYTimes Crossword app review: offering daily crossword puzzles with more extra features
Language: English and Spanish --- Reading time: 15-30 minutesInteractive book with multiple endings. "Living a Book" is a new approach of interactive books where your decisions change and trigger new stories and a new ending.Louis Versatti, a young heir man leaves his mansion looking for a new life, but the "Dark Forest" stands before him. Dark Forest is the place where he will experience supernatural encounter difficulties he has never imagined.The book "Living a Book" are written by ordinary people for writers and book lovers from all over the world. part of the movement and become the author of your own interactive book.LIVING A BOOK. Enhancing your reading experience ...
Escape from the Room! Tap on the objects in the room to look around, get items, and make actions. Tap on the items gained twice to take a closer look. While taking a closer look, sometimes you can examine more by tapping on it again. While taking a closer look, you can sometimes combine items by selecting an another item and tap on the enlarged item. Note that you can only carry 7 items at once. Some items can be put back to the place you found them.
The best Escape games for iPhone and iPad
300 Jigsaw Puzzles in the palm of your hand!Playing Jigsaw puzzles has never been easier with no mess and no missing pieces. It’s fun for the whole family! Jigsaw World features a beautifully simple interface designed specially for the iPad- smoothly browse your Jigsaw library with the flick of a finger. Features: - 300 beautiful high quality puzzles (10 are free, the rest available as an in-app purchase). - Hundreds of extra Jigsaws available in sets as in-app purchases to top-up your collection - Automatically saves your position as you play - Records your fastest times so you can compete with others - Options to show guide image and auto arrange pieces - Simple and intuitive interface - Each puzzle has around 80 pieces.
The best puzzle apps for iPhone
How to play Red Herring:1. Group words into categories. 2. Look out for the Red Herrings, pesky little words whose sole purpose is to mislead you. 3. Have fun!Red Herring is a unique new puzzle game. Each puzzle has only one correct solution and there's no time limit. Three difficulty levels make it suitable for the whole family.Red Herring is FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO LEARN. Don't say we didn't warn you if you can't stop playing. Give Red Herring a try today!From the creators of 7 Little Words and Moxie. Retina and iPad ready. Optimized for iPhone 5.-----Red Herring contains 50 puzzles and a daily puzzle that you can play for free. Additional puzzles are available for purchase inside the app.
The best iPad apps for logic games
Discover a new TriPeaks Solitaire experience from the makers of the #1 Solitaire game! It’s the perfect addition to your Solitaire collection. Download now!NEW Features:DAILY CHALLENGES Each day you’ll receive a Daily Challenge. Solve the Daily Challenge and receive a crown for that day. Earn trophies each month by winning more crowns!WINNING DEALS Feel like you haven’t won a deal in a while? Winning Deals guarantee that your deal will have a winning solution. Our TriPeaks Solitaire game gives you unlimited and unrestricted gameplay, so you can play to your heart’s content…no more waiting for the next TriPeaks level to unlock! We bring you the best TriPeaks Solitaire game in the App Store with unique animations, clean design, and simple gameplay. Celebrate your TriPeaks victory with our exclusive winning animations at the end of every deal. Keep track of your unlocked achievements and show off your scores in the leaderboards against TriPeaks players worldwide.== TriPeaks Solitaire Features == • Unlimited number of deals • Classic Windows™ design • Exciting animations • Simple gameplay • Undo & Hints buttons • Leaderboards with players around the world • Achievements to track your victories • Customizable backgrounds and card backs • Resizable card faces for easier readability • Personal statistics • Portrait & Landscape ViewTriPeaks Solitaire is a variation of Golf and Black Hole, and is also known as Tri Towers, Three Peaks, and Triple Peaks.HOW TO PLAY It’s quick and easy to learn: tap a card that is one value higher or lower than your active card to move it off the table. If there are no valid moves, tap on the row of cards next to your active card to get a new card. Climb your way up the peaks by clearing all the cards off your table!________________________________________LIKE US on Facebook US on Twitter @mobilitywareFor answers to frequently asked questions, head over to the latest info on what we are up to, check out http://www.Mobilityware.comCreated and supported by MobilityWare
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Sudoku Joy offers unlimited play at seventeen difficulty levels, the most of any free Sudoku app. This ad supported app offers features comparable to the paid apps! Sudoku keeps your brain sharp, young, and nimble! Relax after a hard day or just pass the time with the puzzle everyone is talking about.Novices will especially appreciate Sudoku Joy. Our tutorial with practice games, extensive feature set, and advanced hint system are ideal if you are just learning Sudoku. Play more, learn to be a better player, find Sudoku Joy!Our multi-stage hint system starts with a gentle reminder to get you back on track, and works up to an illustration of the exact technique to use and how it applies to the current board. Our hints ease those frustrating moments and teach you how to be a better player.Features include:- Puzzle generator for unlimited play - Scan puzzles from books/newspaper using camera - Solver helps you with games from the newspaper - Seventeen difficulty levels - Tutorial teaches you new techniques - Large, high contrast digits are easier to read - User interface optimized for fewer touches - Choice of six color schemes - Never covers up the board while you are playing - Infinite undo/redo - Automatic or manual pencil marks - Manually enter games from the newspaper - Automatically saves your game when you get a phone call, switch applications, or lock the phone - Highlighting helps you discover patterns - Game clock; compares your time to other players - Avoids graphic frills that distract from play - Choice of digit styles, including Kanji and HanziDiscover Sudoku Joy!
The best Sudoku apps for iPad
Elevate was selected by Apple as the 2014 App of the Year!Elevate is a brain training program designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Each person is provided with a personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results. The more you train with Elevate, the more you’ll improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. Users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence.FEATURES • 35+ games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension • Detailed performance tracking • Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most • Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure your experience is challenging • Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated • Play 4 additional mini-games and review your performance on your Apple Watch with Elevate Dash • And more! IN THE NEWSApple 2014 App of the YearCNET “Elevate comes out ahead” in the battle of the brain training apps. Washington Post Elevate is a “cognitive pick-me-up” with games that are “good for mental breaks throughout the workday.”RESEARCH BEHIND ELEVATE Elevate's games are designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning and are based on extensive scientific research. Elevate’s brain training algorithms further focus the learning experience by drawing from research in memory studies to develop a personalized training program for each user.ELEVATE PRO PRICING & TERMS For Elevate Pro, the following subscriptions are offered:• 1 month for $11.99 

• 12 months for $44.99 

• Lifetime for $149.99, available as a one-time purchaseThe above prices are for U.S. customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence.Your subscription automatically renews 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription term unless auto-renewal is turned off. Subscription renewals cost the same amount as the original subscription, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.You may turn off auto-renewal at any time after purchase by going to your iTunes Account Settings, but refunds will not be given for any unused portion of the term. For additional information, please read our Terms of Service (
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HappyTruck - Deliver fruits to the marketplace with your truck. You will need to get from one place to another without dropping too much from your truck. You will get a precise number of pieces you carry and a precise number of pieces that is required. The more you bring, the more score you get.Game instructions: - Drive by pressing on the right or left side of the screen. - Tilt the device to control the truck in mid-air.Be careful not to drop too much. - Also support game control with joystick. - There are 27 levels to go, so don’t waste any more time and get started.Features: 1. Different levels, 27 unique maps. 2. 28 models of truck and wheel, 12 types of payloads. 3. Awesome physics, with bouncing, crashing, flying, exploding and more! 4. Tilt controls, accelerometer supported. 5. Also support game control with joystick. 6. Game Center supported.Follow us: games:
Forget all the clunky, ad-heavy, pay-to-win poker apps out there! The Appeak Texas Holdem Poker app is the fastest, most fun and most challenging free Holdem poker app out there – and you can begin playing in seconds, not hours. Appeak Texas Holdem is one of the few Holdem apps that gives you the real feel of Texas Hold'em as it's played in poker rooms around the world – not some video poker knock-off. This is free poker at its best with non-stop fast-paced Holdem action. Just press the Play Now button and you'll be instantly betting and raising in a play-money poker game almost as good as live poker. You'll be folding mediocre poker hands and crunching poker odds like a pro in no time after a little practice in the Appeak app. The app offers great help features for beginners like a four-color deck (makes it easy to see what your hand is) and holdem rules section. Stakes are categorized into tiny, small, medium and big and you automatically earn up to 7,000 free chips in daily bonuses. 1 Million Downloads! 100,000 Active Players! Up to 7,000 Daily Chips! Just a few of the perks of the Appeak Texas poker app:• Over 100,000 active players and over 1,000,0000 downloads • Up to 7,000 free chips added to your account daily • In-game challenges to grow your chip stack quickly • New games starting up instantaneously, anytime you log in • Both cash games (which you can leave at any time) and Sit & Go tournaments for players of all skill levels • An exclusive leaderboard for bragging rights over friends and opponents. • Over 40 unique avatars to choose from • MANY MORE! If you're just learning to play Texas Holdem Poker there's no better place to start than the free poker app from Appeak. Don't be fooled by imitation video poker apps – this is real Holdem poker!
FREE for a LIMITED TIME *** Secret Garden for kids *** ► ► ► ► ► Coloring book is a free style finger coloring app that is fun and engaging for all age kids. It helps to choose suitable colors to each picture so children can draw and color easy and quickly even they are not used to touch screens. Children can naturally develop cognitive abilities by coloring.
※ Delve into the All New Escape Game ※Don't question why. Just open the doors and escape! Simple yet fatally addictive See through the tricks and find hints for your escape! Never-ending battle of wits against the developersBe careful, though: one mistake can cost you everything. ※※ Features ※※- Various themed backgrounds - Evolving difficulty levels - Stage expansion through constant updates - Superior graphic quality never before seen in the Escape genre - Free Game Coins are given away at certain intervals - Intuitive UI and inventory - Absolutely free to play! ※※※ Tips ※※※- Don't miss even the slightest detail! Even a scrap of paper can be a hint. - Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and compounded for new hints. - Think outside the box. Sometimes, it pays to follow your gut instinct. - Use common sense. - Stay alert and listen. Sometimes, sounds can help you successfully escape. Join Us................................................................. Facebook – Website – Twitter – .........................................................................
The best iPad apps for logic games
Hit the court in the all-new EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile. Build your team, dominate your opponents in 5-on-5 action, and connect with the NBA in live events 365 days a year. Capture the spotlight and build your legacy in the most authentically competitive basketball game on the planet. RUN YOUR TEAM Be the GM, upgrade your roster, rain buckets, and rise up the ranks. Build your favorite franchise into a team of ballers with NBA superstars from the past and present. Rip packs, work the auction house, and become the team to beat. STAY FRESH IN LIVE EVENTS Live the ultimate basketball lifestyle and become the G.O.A.T. Connect to the NBA all year long with new daily challenges. Score incredible rewards in real-life matchups and break ankles in Seasons or Head-to-Head mode with friends and foes. Work the hardwood in live events to become a hoop master any time, every day.DOMINATE THE GAME* NBA LIVE Mobile brings next-generation mobile gameplay to your fingertips. Drive to the hole or sink threes from downtown. Go for the steal and rain foul shots like it’s your job. Hustle through fast-paced, two minute quarters to annihilate rivals faster than ever. Win packs and coins as you play, and unlock special abilities to take your team to an elite level. This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA; includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13; the app uses Game Center; log out of Game Center before installation if you don’t want to share your game play with friends. *Facebook login required. Must be 13 years or older.
Erlebe das interaktivste SLOTS-Spiel, das du je gesehen hast, GRATIS. JETZT rein in die Action und starte mit einem exklusiven MÜNZEN-WILLKOMMENSBONUS! Genieße die nahtlose Integration von GROSSEN KASINO-GEWINNEN und packenden CSI-Abenteuern! Untersuche Tatorte, verhöre Verdächtige und löse fesselnde CSI-Fälle, indem du die Automaten bedienst. Inhalte: • Spiele dich durch actiongefüllte CSI-Slot-Abenteuer und werde reich in Las Vegas! • Drehe an den Automaten, um Verdächtige zu verhören und Fortschritte in geheimnisvollen Fällen zu machen. Jeder Dreh bringt dich näher an die Ergreifung der Kriminellen und an riesige Auszahlungen! • Genieße actionreiche Bonusspiele nach Kasinoart, erforsche Tatorte und finde Beweise. • Werde reich und ermittle an der Seite deiner Lieblingsermittler wie D.B. Russell, Julie Finlay, Nick Stokes und anderen. • Mehr als 10 geheimnisvolle Slots-Fälle zu Lösen! Die Sünde schläft nie. Erlebe interaktive Geschichten von CSI-Autoren mit detailgenauer Nachbildung der TV-Hitserie CSI! • Steige in den VIP-Rängen auf und spiele in aufregenden wöchentlichen Events für noch mehr tolle Belohnungen. • Eine Vielzahl an Spielen zur Auswahl - sammle ein Vermögen an, während du neue Gratisautomaten ausprobierst, magische Schätze im Wunderland gewinnst und beim Karneval groß abräumst! • CSI: SLOTS bietet jedem etwas und ist GRATIS! Willkommen im CSI-Team. Bist du bereit für GROSSE Gewinne? _____________________________________________ Besuche unsere offizielle Website: Folge uns auf Twitter: oder werde Fan auf Facebook: für mehr Infos zu kommenden Spielen. Sieh dir unsere Videos und Spiele-Trailer auf YouTube an: Entdecke unseren Blog: für die aktuellsten Informationen über Gameloft. Datenschutzrichtlinien: Nutzungsbedingungen: Lizenzvereinbarung für Endanwender:
Explore floors covered in darkness and reach the top of evil tower. Fight against plenty of hostile Goblins, Skeletons, Zombies, Wizzards, Warriors, Vampires and more are waiting for you in this fantastic classic-style logic RPG. Experience an epic adventure and defeat the evil forces. Fight against immortal Vampire queen. Be careful and reasonably manage your keys. Bad decisions will be irreversible.Do not hesitate! Step into the DarkTower.
The King Rabbit must rescue his bunny citizens from devious enemies! A mix of puzzle and action levels will challenge your mind and delight your senses. Immerse yourself in a beautiful world ripe with secrets which may never be discovered. INTERESTING ITEMS - keys, potions, crowns, bombs, saws, levers, switches, spikes, shooting turrets, rabbit holes. BEAUTIFUL ART STYLE - A distinct and intricate art style, each piece is carefully drawn and animated. INTUITIVE LEVELS - Increasingly challenging levels are carefully designed so you learn while playing. EASY TO PLAY - Simply swipe to move in the direction you want to move. OTHER FEATURES • Game Center leaderboards and Achievements • Universal for iPhone and iPad • iCloud Support • Only Available on the App Store More levels coming soon! Crafted by RareSloth, a tiny indie company. King Rabbit is the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Furdemption - A Quest For Wings”.
Money won is money earned in Blackjack! Also known as 21, experience the card game found in casinos all over the world on your iOS device, now available on the Apple Watch. Download the most popular Blackjack app for FREE!Anybody can step up to the table and feel the thrill of winning BIG money against the house! Split, double down or even learn card counting to become a high roller, all without leaving your seat. Choose either the Hi-Lo or KO card counting strategy, and sharpen your skills before your next big trip to Vegas, Monaco, or Macau!Think you’re ready to play with the High Rollers? Try your hand in the high stakes tables! Start with Beginner’s Luck and work your way up to The Penthouse! Show off your skills to the world by working your way to the top of the Leaderboards; win big hands to reach the top. For a more personal challenge, try out the all-new achievement system. Complete achievements and rise up the ranks, where your skill level determines your title!=== Blackjack Features ===• Play Blackjack in exciting Las Vegas-like casinos • Experience authentic Vegas style Blackjack from anywhere in the world • Learn a new card counting strategy, with two options: Hi-Lo or K-O • Discover 6 unique rooms, ranging from Beginner’s Luck to the luxurious Penthouse • Challenge the house – bet big to unlock new tables and win chips • Option to play 1 to 8 decks • Come back every few hours for BONUS chips • Toggle strategic Advice on or off to get real-time feedback as you play • Toggle “Insurance” and “Surrender” on or off • Track lifetime player statistics, including wins, pushes, surrenders, hand info and more • Play skillfully to post on the leaderboards. Will your jackpot hit the top? • Compare scores on global leaderboards • And much more!Players of all skill levels will love the fast tables and fun games in this Blackjack casino! Place your bets, count your cards, and challenge the house in this thrilling take on one of the world’s most beloved gambling games.Download Blackjack today and master your game!NEW: Try out Blackjack on the Apple Watch! Win as much money as you can in ten deals without the risk of losing ANY chips! The amount of money you win will also increase with each additional win. Once your ten deals are up, a countdown on the Watch will display for the next time you are able to play another game. Your winnings on the Apple Watch are synced and collected on the Blackjack app paired with your iPhone.• The games are intended for an adult audience. • The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. • Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."For answers to frequently asked questions, head over to the latest info and what we are up to, check out US on Twitter @mobilitywareLIKE US on Facebook and supported by MobilityWare
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Solitaire by Brainium is the #1 classic Solitaire you know and love for your iPhone and iPad.We have stayed true to the spirit of the classic Solitaire, also known as Klondike, and carefully designed a fresh modern look, woven into the wonderful classic feel that everyone loves.Experience the crisp, clear, and easy to read cards, simple and quick animations, and subtle sounds, in either landscape or portrait views.You can move cards with a single tap or drag them to their destination. You can either play the easy Draw 1 games where most games are winnable, or if you feel up-to the challenge, try your luck with Draw 3 and Vegas play modes.If you enjoy adding a personal touch to your game, customize the backdrop and card backs with photos from your own photo library for unlimited personalization possibilities.Solitaire by Brainium is the most fun, beautiful, and user-friendly Solitaire you’ve ever played before.Highlights: • Draw 1 card (Easy) • Draw 3 cards (Hard) • Crisp, beautiful, and easy to read cards • Portrait or landscape • Efficient, fast, and sensible game interface • Single tap to place a card or drag and drop • Standard Klondike scoring • Vegas scoring • Interruption friendly with auto-save and resume • Smart hints show potentially useful moves • Custom backdrops & cards from your photos • Timer, moves, and statistics • Unlimited undos • Auto complete option to finish a solved game • Left handed and right handed option • Global and friends leader boards • Fun & challenging achievements • Show/Hide the battery & time status bar • Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod TouchWe hope you enjoy Solitaire by Brainium, and please contact our five star support if you have any questions :-)For the latest exciting news and updates on Brainium games:LIKE us on Facebook us on Twitter @BrainiumStudiosOr visit us at: http://www.BrainiumStudios.comThanks for playing!
--Art of Chinese Characters-- --Taipei International Digital Contact Awards 2012 – Judge Award--Learning Chinese characters has never been so interesting before! This App will help you to use the right way to learn Chinese characters.People often have the impression that Chinese characters are extremely difficult to learn. In fact, if you choose the right way to learn, you will find that Chinese characters are not as difficult as you may have imagined. Chinese characters certainly qualify as one of the most beautiful, fascinating and logical writing systems in the world. This App will definitely lead you to discover the amazing Chinese characters and with great fun. Get it started now!Three parts in Art of Chinese Characters: 。Find – find the connection part of Chinese characters from the painting. 。Learn – learn the meaning, pronunciation, phrases, stroke order and origin. 。Practice – quick review and try to match the Chinese characters to their English meaning.Features: - 15 unique paintings of Chinese characters - 89 Chinese characters and 163 phrases - Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are available - Pinyin and English translation - Animation of Chinese characters origin - Stroke order demonstration and writing practice - True human voice pronunciation to each Chinese character and phraseTrailer:
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FREE for a LIMITED TIME ► ► ► ► ► Magic Forest - Secret Garden 2 is a free style finger coloring app that is appealing to all ages, the intricately-realized world of the Secret Garden is both beautiful and inspirational. It provide lots of color pencils for you to choose to fill color for many pictures, you can take photo of your product after you finish it .Most of all , you will feel much better while using this application to fill the color compared with other application. Try this application now and We would like to listen to you suggestion and improve it!
Race against the clock and try to set the fastest time in this fun and exciting new game. Mental Math Speed Challenge is designed to improve your math skills no matter what your current abilities are. You can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division game modes, as well as a challenge mode which is a random mixture of operations. This app is easy to use and can help you gain the confidence and skills to excel in mathematics.Features: - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Challenge game modes. - Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty settings. - Practice mode so you can work on specific numbers. - Help button for wrong answers in practice mode. - Game Center leaderboards and achievements. - Records section for top 10 fastest times. - Statistics section to keep track of games played, average time, and accuracy. - Customizable settings and preferences.
FREE for a LIMITED TIME ► ► ► ► ► Magic Dream - Secret Garden 3 is a free style finger coloring app that is appealing to all ages, the intricately-realized world of the Secret Garden is both beautiful and inspirational. It provide lots of color pencils for you to choose to fill color for many pictures, you can take photo of your product after you finish it .Most of all , you will feel much better while using this application to fill the color compared with other application. Try this application now and We would like to listen to you suggestion and improve it!
Don't find a gold digger, find a gold miner. And instead of begging for a date, find a 10 bagger trade!! Lets swipe through stock cards and discover trade ideas in seconds. So what is StockSwipe? The idea came to us as we were searching for trades ourselves. Part of our daily routine was to scan FinViz and other sites for charts with a potential trade opportunities. But none of these sites had an intuitive way to do so on mobile. Thats when it hit us! The simplistic UI makes it a perfect fit for a finance app on a mobile device.Main Features:CardView: Did someone say: It’s like Tinder for Stocks? Well don't know about that! One helps you make money, the other helps you find someone who will take it away :D Though we do share similarities, like a beautiful 3 cards view which will make discovering stocks easier than ever. Best part: its not “suggested” based on others bias. These are randomly selected and we want you to be your own judge. If you think you found a great trade idea you can swipe right to mark it as a long or left to mark it as a short or swipe up to skip to the next card.MarketView: Trending cloud, top stories and ticker board With MarketView, you get a great overview of the market, with trending stocks, top stories and a ticker board. The trending cloud is a clever twist to just listing trending stocks. We wanted to highlight stocks that are trending in a fun way. And here size matters..The bigger, the better! haha. No but really, the bigger, the more trending a stock is. This is based on how much its mentioned on social media. Tap a card to open a detailed view of any chart:* Chart: Professional chart with indicators, annotation and many more features * Stream: A twitter stream of the stock * Profile: A company profile with general metrics, analysts rating as well as company summary, sector and industry.Exchanges Supported:- AMEX - NASDAQ - NYSE - TSX - 8500+ StocksContact Us: We release regular updates to StockSwipe, and we welcome suggestions for improvements/features - please use the feedback form within the app and leave us a review on the AppStore.
The best iPhone and iPad apps for stock trading
CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. PLAY WITH WORDS. Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone – or play solo against the computer! Plus, now you can play SCRABBLE in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese. WHO WILL YOU PLAY? • Challenge friends via Facebook and more • Find an instant opponent with a single touch • Play solo against the computer to improve your skills • Get numerous games going at once – more than any word game on the App Store SHOW OFF YOUR SKILLS Connect to Facebook and share your best scores. You can even talk a good game with enhanced chat and notification features. IMPROVE YOUR SCORES WITH THE TEACHER Become a SCRABBLE master with the exclusive “Teacher” feature - see what your best word could have been after every turn. LOSS FOR WORDS? Use the in-game word list, built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary, or the exclusive Best Word feature to see your highest scoring choices. THINK FAST Want to recreate the feeling of a real-time in-person game? Try the new Speed Play mode where you and your opponent agree to 2 or 5 minute turns. If words aren't played in time, nudge and forfeit options are unlocked. LOOK SHARP! View every detail on the board with HD-quality graphics made to maximize the Retina display. Ready for the first and last word in word games? Don’t accept imitations. Just say, “LET’S PLAY SCRABBLE!
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Continue the adventure of the The Lost Ship in this longer quest as you hunt for the pirate’s lost treasure in this beautifully designed classic point and click adventure puzzle game. Explore a pirate’s cove, ancient temple, and structures of past tree dwelling inhabitants. Discover hidden passageways, clues and puzzles along the way!Uncle Henry has been hunting lost treasures for as long as you can remember. His legendary stories of adventure excited your imagination as you were a child growing up. Now with your newly acquired archeology skills, he has been reaching out from time to time for your help in tracking down some of these difficult to find treasures.In his latest quest, he has used the map you discovered in the lost ship and tracked down the location of the pirate’s cove. You must explore the island, find clues, and solve puzzles left behind by the pirates to discover the location of the lost treasure!This captivating adventure game has: - Custom designed beautiful HD graphics! - Custom composed soundtrack and sound effects! - A built-in hint system for when you get stumped - A dynamic map to show the screens you have visited and current location - A camera that takes photos of clues and symbols as you discover them - Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items - Auto saves your progress - Available for phones and tablets! - Translated to 16 languages!Visit our website to sign up for our newsletter and learn about upcoming games! www.lonewolfgames.netDesperately stuck in the game? Watch the full game walkthrough video:
NES Battle City is very Classical Tank battle game. Super Tank Battle is a modern style NES / FC Battle City with new attractive elements.This is the game of modern war, please boom the map, summon your alliance, and strike the Enemy! Clash It! Prepare the tank battle, prepare the tank modern war! There are 5 different difficulty levels (from easy to crazy). It should meet different people need. Game Rule: - Defence your base, and destroy all enemy tanks. - If your tank or your base is destroyed, it will be game over. Features: - have 500 Maps can be played ( Super Cool! ) - helper tank, it is like a 2nd player to help you - special items in game - classical tank battle game's style - 20 enemy tanks per map"Super Tank Battle (HD)" extended version : "Tank Battle - Mini War" is now available! Download:************************************ Looking for Super Tank Battle Map Editor? Tank Super Wars - NES 90's Classic, Install it NOW!
Try to turn a small garage start-up into a large company. Take strategic decisions, buy tables and table plants, hire and train people. Fulfill their wishes! Create mobile applications!"...this is a game that every iOS user should experience." - 148AppsFrom the very beginning of the game you dive into the world of mobile development, where during the game you will get access to the analogues of modern mobile platforms. As in life, the market state is dynamic and constantly changing. New platforms come and old ones go. They just can't withstand the competition.GAME FEATURES:▶ 13 cities of the world ▶ The international labor market, ▶ The rich set of goals and objectives ▶ MyOS, Roboid, eyeOS, Doors and more ▶ The global result table ▶ The ability to share a screenshot of the game.▶ Develop the best application:To create a real hit isn't an easy task! You must take into account trends and popularity of platforms. You need to assemble a team of motivated professionals, to create a comfortable environment for its employees, and to earn an impeccable reputation.▶ Conquer the World:As the game progresses you can move to a new city and country. Each location has its own labor market with its ethnic composition, professional level, and the cost of the employees. In some cities you can meet industry stars. However, as a rule, they are expensive and want a huge salary.▶ Compete with people around the world:The game has a global table of results where you can compete with the world in three ways - by the quality of the project, by the team power and by revenues. The results are available for the day, week, and all time. Also, to date, the game has 20 achievements. Try to open them all!▶ Share your achievements with your friends:Everyone decides for themselves as to whether his or her company is to be public or private. However, it seems to us that the country must know its heroes! For this purpose, the game developers have made it possible to show your friends your great offices and to share your success stories on Facebook.Build a business of your dreams!
**iOS App of the Week –iPhoneFAQ** Easiest-to-use coloring app ever! Your little artist will bring masterpieces to life while coloring, drawing and mixing colors! The app is a unique combination of gaming and learning. Watch your child’s motor skills and creativity blossom. Help your child discover the whimsical world of colors!•“..What makes this app interesting is the color-mixing feature. It is simply fascinating for kids of this age.” -- •“Long journey? Live Colors will keep your kids occupied for a good long time.” -- 5 stars from •“It does a great job combining creativity with education… a really fun way to let out their inner artist.” – •“I have lots of coloring apps but this one is especially unique & fun!” – WORK YOUR MAGIC BY COLORING Live Colors for Kids includes a great variety of vivid coloring pages designed in cooperation with the professional educators. Each coloring page is introduced with a funny poem. If your child likes to color and dreams of being a magician, help him or her work magic in this coloring book by making pictures come to life!DREAM AND DRAW Is your young talent tired of coloring? Then it’s time to take a canvas and create a masterpiece from scratch! Take advantage of Draw mode to develop your child’s talents, inspire confidence and spark creativity and imagination. Hours of fun are guaranteed!MIX COLORS Mixing colors is the wonder of turning certain colors into others! Initially, only 6 basic paints are available in the app. Then, with Live Colors, the young magician follows in-game help to mix colors in the palette and create numerous tones. Your little one can even compare them with colors in real nature! WHAT’S INSIDE: — The most simple and handy interface — Eye-candy graphics — 20 animated coloring pages for FREE and new ones are constantly being added — Soundtracks recorded by professional actors — In-game help to mix the colors in the palette — Color the picture by template or conjure it free-hand — Automatic saving of all pictures in the gallery — Come back and complete the masterpiece at any time — Eraser in case the drawing needs slight corrections — Share your young artist's work in social networks — Print your artwork, hang it on the wall and admire — Nice bonuses and surprises — Localized for English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and ChineseCHILD PRIVACY POLICY •Included Kids Lock gated area to protect settings just for parents •NO third party advertising •NO collection of any personal information of any kind •Now member of the “KNOW what’s inside” program If you have any questions, comments, or feedback -- email us anytime at or visit us at www.liveappsforkids.comLike us on FB:
Live Colors for Kids app review: give kids the freedom to color
*** Total 200pcs HD Pictures **** Classical Find it game, one hundred to play without getting tired. Each picture has 5 differences, find the correct different add 20 sec. But when touch wrong position, time will decrease 30 sec. Every new Picture loaded will add 60sec. So total you will have 160sec to complete each picture. *** Our new game released*** Ludo 3D : A Unique Real Flying Chess / Aeroplane Chess
NES Battle City is very Classical Tank battle game. Super Tank Battle is a modern style NES / FC Battle City with new attractive elements.This is the game of modern war, please boom the map, summon your alliance, and strike the Enemy! Clash It! Prepare the tank battle, prepare the tank modern war! There are 5 different difficulty levels (from easy to crazy). It should meet different people need. Game Rule: - Defence your base, and destroy all enemy tanks. - If your tank or your base is destroyed, it will be game over. Features: - have 500 Maps can be played ( Super Cool! ) - helper tank, it is like a 2nd player to help you - special items in game - classical tank battle game's style - 20 enemy tanks per mapIt also available on others mobile platform. Simply search "Super Tank Battle" on search engine.********************************* "Super Tank Battle" extended version : "Tank Battle - Mini War" is now available! Download:************************************ Looking for Super Tank Battle Map Editor? Tank Super Wars - NES 90's Classic, Install it NOW! 1 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 17 / 512 / 1010 / 1024 / 2048 / 10k / A17 / i17 / T17 /
8bitWar puts your strategical and tactical thinking to the test! Hire units and place them in strategic formations to counter the enemy army.A total of 180 levels! Play against a friend on the same device or online!
The best Temple Run-style gaming for gear VR. Support virtual reality for all devices. It is useful for your health because you must be jump up, jump left and jump right to avoid obstacles.Guide to play: - Open game to begin - Install your device to VR box - Jump up to start game - In game, jump left or jump right to avoid obstacles.
Learn the names and sounds of each letter with the Hairies. AWARD WINNING APP! Education Resources Award.• Trace the letter shape with your finger. • Play games to build letters into simple words. • Letter sounds come to life with animated characters. • Learn to blend letter sounds. • Includes upper case letter names. • Multi-sensory learning by specialist teachers. • Letters are introduced in six color-coded stagesDesigned for 4-6 years. English (United States). Nessy apps have no advertisements or in-app purchasing.
Simplex Spelling improves English spelling and reading skills by using a powerful combination of phonics lessons, spelling/word patterns, our unique “reverse phonics” approach and contextually relevant spelling rules. Teaches a full year of spelling curriculum with over 450 high frequency words divided into 42 lists that are organized by spelling patterns and difficulty levels. Each of the 42 lists comes with a lesson that teaches one of the basic building blocks of spelling in the English language. These basic building blocks include the different phonograms, sounds, and spelling rules. The Simplex Spelling educational methodology has been validated by an academic study that showed an average spelling improvement of 1.9 grades among children in a classroom setting who regularly used it over a 18 week period.Our spelling lists focus on some of the highest frequency words in the English language to help students establish a base foundation of literacy and confidence with spelling and reading.Students learn a new concept for each lesson building on the skills learned from previous lessons. Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 guides the student and acts as a personal spelling coach with every word, while teaching "how to spell" English words. Memorization may be sufficient to pass a spelling test, but it often does not transfer into good long term reading and spelling skills. Our goal with Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 is to not only teach a list of words, but to teach students “how to spell” these words, thus building long term skills that can be used for over 84% of the words in the English language that follow phonetic patterns.Many studies show that students who learn to read through phonics have a higher level of literacy than students who learn to read by using flash cards and the whole word approach. Also that not all readers are good spellers, but almost all good spellers are also good readers. This is why Simplex Spelling's comprehensive unique phonics approach to spelling really works to create both better spellers and better readers.
Note: All text and voice is entirely in English.
 Note: You can not create your own spelling lists.Features: 
 - Over 450 high frequency words to help build literacy. 
 - Words are spoken and used in a sentence to establish context and improve vocabulary. 
 - Introductory spelling list seamlessly leads students through all of the application’s features. - A starting assessment/placement test. - Review lists. - 42 instructional lessons teach phonics, phonograms, and spelling rules. 
 - A full “reverse phonics” approach that includes sounds made by all the different letter combinations. - Contextually relevant spelling rule hints that help explain “how to spell” English words.
 - Letter by letter feedback system provides immediate feedback. 
 - Guaranteed success on every word. 
 - Support for 40 user accounts. 
 - Export and email student progress reports. - Remembers each user’s progress in every list. - User stats screen to see mastered words and words that require further practice. 
 - Supports both upper and lower case letters.
 - Supports both alphabetic and QWERTY keyboard layouts.
 - Supports US, UK and Canadian English spelling of words.- Phonics 1 has been featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy, What's Hot, Words for the Wise and Spelling & Grammar. - Placed 3rd in the 2012 Best App Ever Awards - Best Elementary Student App. - Honorable mention in the 2012 Best App Ever Awards - Best Special Needs App. - AppsforHomeschooling (5/5, Golden App Award, 2011 Readers Choice Award) - Academics' Choice Award - Parents' Choice AwardPrivacy Disclosure: - Does not contain 3rd party ads - Does not share any data - Does not contain In-App purchases - Does not link to social media - Contains links to a kid safe version of the developer's website. - Contains links to developer email support and to rate the app COPPA Compliant
Dynamic generating Sudoku game. You can play it forever and unlimited.Features: - Auto save - Unlimited number of sudoku game - Five difficulty level - Kid level
This is a real 3D Chinese Ludo (Aeroplane Chess).Unlike the other Ludo games in AppStore, this game provides you totally different experience.Features: - 2D/3D mode. Play in 2D or 3D mode whatever you like - Real Dice. Yes, it is a REAL dice - Flexible AI Level. There are 3 levels of computer player. - Highly flexible. You can adjust the game rule yourself - Dark mode. It is very interesting, you should never play it before. - Many different themes.Wiki:
Dangerous predators where you become the hunted. Now With Compound Bow/Pistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows). Parachute/Bottle/Treasure Chest XP/Pick up Bonuses and lots more animals. Gameplay Enhancements/Game Tweaks. WEAPONS Handgun/Compound Bow/Pistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows)/Rifle. Proximity Mines/Gas Canisters.TRANSPORT Motorbike, Boat, Jeep with Power Zoom Rifle. Horse your faithful friend - Whistle to Call. Zip Line Fast Escape. 3D ANIMALS : Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, Lioness, Reedbuck, Flamingo, Lemur, Bee's, Zebra, Crocodile, Wildebeest, Piranha, Buffalo, WartHog, Monkey, Meerkat, Snake, Ostrich and Scarabs.ENVIRONMENT Huge open 3D Environment to roam/explore. Day/Night/Rain. NightTime scary action - Night Vision Googles. Build Campfires/Collect Logs.GAME FEATURES Bone collection Extra XP Bonus. Treasure Chest/Parachute - Pick up Bonus Fuel/Gun Clips/Medi Kits/Explosive pickups. Tutorial/Rewards/Unlimited Quests. Map/Radar/Tracker. STYLE FPS free roam epic action Simulation/Simulator. HD console-quality graphics and gameplay. Stunning Deep Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds. Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action.In-game Language Translations: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian.Pro Version : Offers more unlocked Animals/Game Items than free version.This game offers In-app purchases to instantly unlock Animals/Weapons/Items, all these can be unlocked by playing and progressing through the game by collecting our in-game currency Sunga's.Plus more…
Introducing the all-new Steel Guitar 2.0 — built COMPLETELY from scratch with bigger tone, more soul, and better features than ever!Combining a large collection of unique guitars, all-new realtime effects and amps processing, and a playing surface more expressive than ever, Steel Guitar is easily the most realistic sounding guitar on iOS.For unprecedented control over your tone, expand to 10 unique guitars, 8 iconic virtual-tube amps, and 16 classic effects! Build up your signal chain any way you want, thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface that accommodates all your amps & FX connections, in any order.Steel Guitar’s axes range from 6-string electrics to acoustic, 12-string, and to even 8- and 10-string pedals steels. Amps include all the important models of the last 60 years — each one complete with channel switching, adjustable gain, and EQ. The effects include painstakingly designed virtual-analog overdrives, fuzzes, wah, tape delay, reverbs, and more!With the PRO Pack or The Whole Enchilada, gain access to Steel Guitar’s powerful tapedeck complete with recording, looping audio copy/paste and a plethora of other sharing options; or harness Steel Guitar’s powerful, user-friendly MIDI Learn to control your effects, amps and guitar parameters!Use MIDI or the accelerometer to control string-bending pedals for authentic pedal steel sounds — and you can easily configure pedal-to-string assignments via the built-in copedent matrix.Steel Guitar 2.0 is fully connected, too. With Inter-App Audio and Audiobus available out-of-the box, connect Steel Guitar to your favorite iOS DAW and jam away!Whether you’re after the soulful ring of acoustic blues, the mean and dirty crunch of Rock, or dreamy bell-like tones of a pedal steel, Steel Guitar has got your covered.• Expand to 10 unique guitars, 8 amps and 16 effects • Real time FX & Amps processing • Fully configurable FX & Amps Signal Chain • Virtual-Tube amps including classic American and British models • Virtual-Analog effects: multiple overdrives & fuzzes, reverbs, mods, tape delay & more • All new, easy-to-use guitar interface • Configurable note-snapping, normal & damped sustain • Bar slanting & string dampening gestures • String bending via MIDI or accelerometer-controlled virtual “pedals” • Fully controllable copedent (string-bending pedal map) • Inter App Audio & Audiobus • MIDI Learn & Program Changes* • Tapedeck with recording, audio copy/paste, looping and lots of other import/export options* • Save unlimited presets; import/export presets and folders • Metronome with tap tempo • Left-handed mode*Included with PRO Pack or The Whole Enchilada
Important: This game uses Metal and will only play properly on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 5s, and beyond.Something's rotten in the land of the dead, and you're being played for a sucker. Meet Manny Calavera, travel agent at the Department of Death. He sells luxury packages to souls on their four-year journey to eternal rest. But there's trouble in paradise. Help Manny untangle himself from a conspiracy that threatens his very salvation. One of the most acclaimed adventure games of all time is now back, better than ever. Grim Fandango's epic story of four years in the life (or death) of Manny Calavera, travel agent to the dead, has been remastered to look, sound, and control even better than when it won GameSpot's Game of the Year award upon its original launch. Grim Fandango still stands as a classic of the genre, with unforgettable characters and unique combination of film noir and Mexican folklore. Remastered version includes - Repainted, hi-res character textures - New, dynamic lighting - Classic score re-recorded with a full live orchestra - Over 2 hours of exclusive developer commentary - Concept art browser