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Sick of seeing the same old tired apps in Apple’s rankings? Discover what others are discovering on appPicker! Our Top 100 rankings shows you what’s popular in each category over the last 7 days!
[ If you have any question, please send mail to ]“Pick Your Own Frontpage.” NewsPicks is an intuitive business news reading/sharing application. With NewsPicks, save time by locating and reading the business news you need, and even share your opinions with your friends and other users. “Follow Experts and Friends” Follow your friends and experts from any of the NewsPicks business categories. The news content those users pick will then appear on your timeline for you to read. Follow the zebra robots powered by cutting-edge analytical algorithms designed just for NewsPicks. The zebra robots are available in each of the business categories and will deliver you personalized news contents. “Yours to be Picked and Shared” By tapping the “Pick” icon, share any news content you wish with other users on NewsPicks, Facebook, and Twitter together with your opinions and insight on such content. “Diverse Business News Sources at Your Fingertips” NewsPicks aggregates business news content from more than 90+ Japanese and international sources. New providers are constantly joining NewsPicks and adding new content, so stay tuned! “Premium Contents” - Access premium features and articles straight after subscribing. - Parts of certain publications become accessible only after a certain period of time. - Not all pages of certain publications are fully accessible.• FAQ Q) How do I know how much I've paid? A) From the home screen on your iPhone, open "Settings", then click "iTunes & App Store" > "Apple ID" > "View Apple ID" then sign in. Once you are signed in, click "Manage", then "NewsPicks". You will then be able to check the current status of your subscription. Q) How much does it cost? A) Unlimited access to all subscription-only articles and content on NewsPicks for only ¥1400/month (tax inc.) - Once subscribed your Apple ID will be billed automatically each month thereafter. - Please be aware that deleting the app will not cancel the subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the current subscription period ending. •Privacy Policy We wrote this to help you understand what information we collect, how we use it, and what choices you have. Please be sure to read it prior to subscribing.
At Medium, we are creating a network for writing that enables people to make an impression on others. To make them think or change their minds. To teach them something or connect emotionally. Where the quality of the idea matters, not the author’s qualifications. A place where conversation pushes ideas forward and words still matter.Read: The best reads tailored just for you. You'll find a curated blend of human and algorithmically curated stories ensures you always have something to dive into.Write: Switch from your phone to your tablet to your computer, seamlessly. Write wherever inspiration strikes.React: Highlight a particular passage that speaks to you, or recommend it to your followers. Join the conversation by writing your own response to a story that moved you.Questions? Feedback? To get help. visit
With Google Play Newsstand, discover more of the news and magazines you care about all in one app on your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy breaking news and in-depth articles featuring audio, video and more. From sports, business, cooking, entertainment, fashion, local stores near you, and more - now get both free and premium news and vibrant full HD magazines, all in one place. With thousands of premier publishers - it’s all there, easy to subscribe, read, and share.Enjoy content from top news, magazines and indie publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New Yorker, Quartz, Vox, Refinery29, People, Fast Company, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Vanity Fair, and much much more.• All in one - With one app and one tap, you have access to free and premium content from news sources, magazines, blogs and more. • Enjoy Read Now - Start reading right away with a home screen that quickly learns what you’re into and highlights that adapt to your interests over time. • Explore - Dig into categories like Arts & Photography, Business & Finance, Food & Drink and more. Subscribe to topics tagged to the articles that interest you most. • Go Offline - Download any news edition, topic or magazine offline without missing a story. • Bookmark - Save stories you don't have time to read later. • Fast and efficient - Stories are formatted perfectly for your device.
Google Currents app review: a beautiful magazine-like delivery of news straight to your device
PS Deals makes it super easy to save on Sony PlayStation™ games:* Receive instant notifications when your favorite game’s or add-on’s price at PlayStation™ Store drops - just add it to Watchlist! * Explore all available PlayStation™ Network games & discounts - it’s lighting fast and easy! * Get complete information about every PlayStation™ game on one page - price changes, price comparison in different PSN stores, what’s inside, available add-ons, reviews, videos, screenshots and many more!Features: ***All PSN Games & Deals*** PS Deals contains all available PlayStation™ Stores games & add-ons with up-to-date prices. Find out even hidden discounts! 36 countries currently supported.***Price drop Notifications*** Subscribe and receive price change notifications for all your favorite games and add-ons. Earlier than others… much earlier ;)***Add-Ons*** (available with Premium Subscription) PS Deals now supports add-ons with same powerful functionality as for single games and bundles - be notified about price drops, explore new add-ons for your favorite PlayStation™ games and get detailed description!***Multiple Stores*** (available with Premium Subscription) With Multiple Stores you will be able to track all discounts and explore new games from different PlayStation™ regions in one feed. 
No stores switching needed.***All about Games*** PS Deals features detailed PlayStation™ game's info with video reviews, screenshots, price change history and many more.***Compare Prices*** (available with Premium Subscription) Compare prices for bundles, single games, special editions in one or multiple stores from single game's page.***Metacritic reviews*** Metacritic review scores available right in the app with direct links to reviews.***What's inside*** See what additional content included with game purchase.***And many more*** Games Collections, Specially developed browser for easily switching among countries' stores, News with hottest deals, PlayStation™ Plus freebies, upcoming releases... 36 Countries Supported: * United States * United Kingdom * Canada * Australia * Belgium * Brazil * Bulgaria * Czech Republic * Denmark * Germany * Spain * Finland * France * Hong Kong * India * Ireland * Italy * Japan * Korea (South) * Malaysia * Mexico * Netherlands * Norway * Poland * Portugal * Romania * Russia * Saudi Arabia * Singapore * Sweden * Switzerland * Taiwan * Thailand * Turkey * Ukraine * United Arab Emirates
The best iPhone apps for PlayStation
Great Big Story brings you awesome video storytelling from around the world. We are obsessed with the unexpected and the amazing. Starving for something cool and interesting? Snack on Great Big Story and you’ll feel completely full. Check back every day for new stories about: - Frontiers: See all the crazy places that imagination and technology can take us. - Human Condition: Humans are weirdmazing™ and capable of amazing things. Just watch. - Flavors: The coolest stories behind what we eat and drink around the world. - Planet Earth: The story of our incredible planet and the inspiring things people are doing to preserve it. Have a great big story of your own, give us a shout: Some ideas about the app or need support?: Check us out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or hit us up @greatbigstory
Scopri la nuova applicazione gratuita de La Gazzetta dello Sport I contenuti esclusivi di in una nuova app per il tuo iPhone: - leggi le ultime notizie sulla tua squadra del cuore e sul calciomercato - vivi le emozioni dei motori e del ciclismo - esulta per le magie del tennis e del basket - segui le imprese avvincenti dei grandi campioni dello sportE inoltre, - segui live di tutte le competizioni più importanti - consulta le probabili formazioni di serie A - divertiti con i video e gli highlightsCon l’app di Gazzetta, puoi: - personalizzare il tuo menu di navigazione - condividere gli articoli sui tuoi social - impostare le notifiche per essere sempre nel vivo della tua passione sportiva.Il tutto con la garanzia delle firme autorevoli di Gazzetta e con una grafica innovativa e amichevole. Scaricala subito gratuitamente.
News360 is your personal news app.Just select a few interests and News360 will create a personalized news feed available on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. You can dig into any story to see all of the perspectives or just skim the headlines to keep on top of your interests.As you use it, News360 learns what you enjoy and adjusts the newsfeed so that it always remains interesting and important. Stay informed with fresh, unbiased 360° coverage of everything you want to read -- and none of the noise.The New York Times: «News360 has to be one of the better news aggregating [apps] I’ve seen on any platform»PERSONALIZE THE NEWS A flexible and smart personalization system allows you to tailor your newsfeed as you want it. Choose the topics, sources, companies and people you want to follow, and News360 will pick up on the nuances of your interests as you read.DISCOVER AMAZING CONTENT More than 100,000 sources, from the top national news providers, to local niche websites and blogs.TAILOR YOUR NEWS FEED The Home feed combines top stories of the day, local news and your specific interests into a single stream making sure you never miss anything important.NO DISTRACTIONS A beautiful interface that allows you to quickly scan headlines, preview stories and dive deep into the content.BE SOCIAL Connect your social media accounts to make News360 even smarter about what you like. Share stories to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pocket, Instapaper or Evernote with one tap.ACCESS ANYWHERE Save stories onto your device to read on a flight or in the subway. Synchronize your interests and saved stories with News360 on any phone, tablet or at• Featured by Apple in “New & Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot” • "Apps We Like: News360" — The Wall Street Journal • "News360 is excellent, innovative, and free" — The Unofficial Apple Weblog • “News360 is changing the content delivery game” — Robert Scoble • Appy Awards - Best News App of 2013Follow us on Twitter @news360 or on Facebook to get the latest news and updates.
The best news apps for iPad
Funny cat photos, trending news stories, and the best discussions on the internet—these are just a few of the awesome things the official Reddit app does best.On Reddit, there’s a community for every subject imaginable: your favorite sports team, relationship advice, memes, the latest in news and politics—all in real time. And if you like gifs (or jifs, jiffys, glyphs, ifs, however you choose to mispronounce it), we’re positive you'll love it.What’s that you say, girl? “What about a community dedicated solely to images of cats standing on their hind legs?” We got that, too. Whether you’re into movies or space travel, baking or weight training, cheesy dad jokes, world news or Hollywood gossip—or all of the above—you can instantly share your content and ideas with an audience of millions.We’re not saying Reddit is like all your favorite apps put together. But if we were saying that, we’d tell you it has:• the trendy headlines of Twitter • the educational content of Quora • the viral pics of Memebase and Imgur • the jokesters of Tumblr • the lols of 9GAG and theCHIVE • the cringeworthy personal stories of FML and Fail Blog • the rage comics of fourchan • and the powerful, human stories found only on Reddit.(Oops, we went full circle.)So the next time you’re bored and need a break—wait, you’re bored right now? Why are you still reading this? Download the app already! Those cats won’t stand on their hind legs forever...Privacy Policy: Agreement: Policy:
CNN connects you to the world, wherever you are.Stay informed with the latest headlines and original stories from Capitol Hill and across the globe. Follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video. Lead the conversation by sharing today’s news and dig deeper into the stories that matter most to you.iPhone • Get CNN news at a glance on your Apple Watch across 12 personalized categories • Get breaking news alerts and follow top stories as they develop on iPhone? • Elections coverage: Follow up-to-the-minute live blogs, roundups, election results, analysis and commentary • Watch live CNN TV events and shows (as available; check with your cable or satellite provider) • Get in-depth coverage of international, politics, opinion, tech and entertainment stories • Have questions or feedback on the CNN iPhone App? Email us at with your suggestions on how we can create the best possible experience for you.tvOS • Browse and play CNN coverage in short clips in our Featured collections. • Watch your favorite CNN series On Demand or select Live CNN, CNN International and HLN for live coverage of all the day’s top stories. • Elections coverage: Sign in to see full live coverage of the elections, catch up on the debates On Demand, and watch all the best moments in our library of clips and collections. • The Shows section of the app provides on-demand access to recent political events and debates, full episodes of our popular original series including Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, This is Life with Lisa Ling, and more. (As available; check with your cable or satellite provider) • Have questions or feedback on the CNN tvOS app? Email us at with your suggestions on how we can create the best possible experience for you. Apple Watch • Get CNN news at a glance on your Apple Watch across 12 personalized categories • Get breaking news alerts and follow top stories as they develop
The best news apps for iPhone
The simplest and most reliable way to listen to your favorite AM, FM and online radio stations with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Join millions using our radio tuner today!Listen to Simple Radio for free:• Play 40,000+ worldwide radio stations on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch • Enjoy our extremely reliable radio tuner. Eliminating drops is our top priority • Save your favorite stations and listen to them in one tapSimple Radio’s free radio tuner is ideal for:• Listening to your favorite radio stations • Discovering new music • Staying connected to home while living abroad • Making your commute more interesting • Practicing a foreign languageFind specific content based on your interests:• Trending music • Specific music genres (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk & more) • Live sports like NBA, NHL, MLB and Nascar • Breaking news • Talk radioTune in to your favorite Radio Stations like NPR, Fox News, ESPN, KEXP, WBLS, WNYC, WJR, La Mega, W Radio, WTMJ, Moody Radio, Radio 24, WSB, WBLS, Radio Love, KQED, Radio Caraibes, WBUR, WCBS, Radio Javan and many more.Why are our Premium Features the best purchase you will make this year?• You'll be able to set the Sleep Timer to fall asleep to your favorite station, and doze off like a baby. • You’ll never see a display ad within our app again! ——— Download Simple Radio Today For Free ——— What others are saying about Simple Radio:• "A pleasant journey back to childhood every time I tune in. An array of stations at the tap of a finger. Doesn't get much better.” Dan K., London • “It gives access to my hometown radio station over 1200 miles away!” - Roxanne L., New YorkLove Simple Radio by Streema?• Follow us on Twitter: • Like us on Facebook: or feedback?• We love hearing from you and we read every single email you send us! • Want us to add a specific radio station? Have suggestions? Please, feel free to reach us at This software uses code of FFmpeg ( licensed under the LGPLv2.1 ( party trademarks are owned by the registered owners of those trademarks. Streema is not affiliated with these companies. If you have any questions, please contact us.
The best iPhone apps for listening to music
Get the Philly Sports Now app from the award-winning Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and for all of the latest news, scores, injuries and heartbreak on Philly's pro sports teams. Coverage includes Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and Union. We'd like to welcome the users of our Philly Pro Football, Baseball, and Hockey apps.Key features include: • Latest articles, blogs, and galleries • Team schedules, rosters, standings, stats, and scores • Notifications on injuries, trades, transactions and results • Customizable notifications and feeds • Add reminders and set alerts on upcoming games • Individual team feeds • Tweets from @phillysport in iOS 8 and above • Pregame and postgame score cards • Up-to-the-minute information on your favorite Philly teams
The best iPhone apps for Philadelphia
9to5Mac is now available on iPhone and iPad, the leading website for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more.The 9to5Mac app takes the core experience from the website and brings it to your home screen. View the latest stories in a layout optimized for the iPhone and iPad with large photography and rich native typography. On iPhone, rotate into landscape to quickly skim between stories with a split-screen mode. Take advantage of the Dark Theme for comfortable reading at any time of day.The 9to5Mac app also supports Notifications. Subscribe to breaking news and story alerts to always stay up to date with the latest developments in the Apple ecosystem. You can even add a 9to5Mac widget to Today view in Notification Center to see most recent stories from anywhere on the iPhone and iPad. Straight from the story, share the news with others and view reader comments inline, with threaded replies. Posts and comments respect the system Text Size settings so the app always reflects your preferred reading habits.The 9to5Mac app is a beautiful companion to the website experience. Give us your feedback and look forward to more updates coming in the future.
All that is beautiful, fascinating and inspirational about life has been gathered in one place – Our goal is to inspire you every single day. We observe and delight in the wonderful world around us, side by side with you.We believe there's truly no limit to the kindness, beauty, wisdom, happiness and sincerity that can be found all around the world. Love, good deeds, positivity and humor are what drives us. Install our app now to see the Bright Side every single day.
Daily News on Japan in English; Business News, Economy, Stock Market, Politics, Society, Electronics; Includes maps of Japan and Tokyo trains.
Your news in one minute. Get the award-winning, addictively simple news app downloaded by over 19 million readers in 150 countries!SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to discover and deliver the top trending stories influencing the world right now.Working directly with a large variety of media publishers, SmartNews provides a broad spectrum of topics and perspectives. Partners include: NBC News, Medium, USA Today, TIME, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, Quartz, The Verge, VICE,, Reuters, AP, Perez Hilton, Fast Company and more.***Smart Mode -- Streamlined, clutter-free, and optimized for mobile readability.Offline Reading -- Lightning fast load times fetch the news so you can read without an Internet connection.Easy to Use -- Flip through categories and scroll articles with one finger. Our clean UI gets out of the way of your reading.Customizable -- Set the categories you want, in the order you want. Add additional news channels for specific blogs, newspapers and magazines that matter to you.***“Very minimalistic and simple to use.” - Paste“With an interface that lets you browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline, SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.” - CNET“Flick through the headlines, click on an article, and the text renders beautifully. Without Internet!” - FastCompany***Awards and Recognition: - Best of 2013 (Japan) - Apple - Best App of the Year, 2013 (Japan) - Google
SmartNews app review: trending news & stories
The official AppleInsider app for iPhone, iPad and now Apple Watch, serves as the most up-to-date and reliable source for all things Apple. Since 1997, AppleInsider has been the number one destination for Apple-related news, rumors, reviews, expert commentary and more. And with the AppleInsider app, you can take all that goodness with you on the go, staying a step ahead of your friends with breaking news alerts and finger-tip access to the latest Apple news and rumors.Features: - A sleek & simple multi-touch user interface designed for iOS 8 that helps you optimize your time on AppleInsider. - Be the first to know about breaking news and major announcements with push notifications sent directly to your device as they happen. - Customize those push notifications to alert you on the topics you're interested in. - Easily share articles through Twitter, Facebook, iMessage and email. - Quickly and easily save articles to Instapaper and Pocket. (Available to subscribers) - Choose from multiple font sizes and weights to customize your reading experience. - Keep current with live Apple event coverage. - Enjoy an uninterrupted, content-only viewing experience with subscription (free 1-month trial included). - Optimized for both iPhone and iPad.
Read the latest news of San Diego, California, USA. This application, free and fast, shows news published by local media.The application is a fast news feed reader and searches for available local RSS news feeds (including all major tv networks) and allows you to add them. The app also allowing you to add your own feeds. The app is very fast and efficient.No need for several news apps. You may read your local info and other personal topics in one place.
GameFeed is the perfect app for tracking video game releases, upcoming video game events, and even the newest video game news. All of the upcoming video game releases put into one easy to track calendar. If there's a new game announcement, updated release date, or even review you'll be the first to know.
The best iPhone apps for PlayStation
Flipboard is the award-winning social magazine used by millions of people everyday. It’s the one place to keep up on all your interests – reading, collecting and sharing stories you care about has never been easier. Download the app and dig into your Cover Stories, a personalized selection of articles, news and videos from the top publishers, blogs and social media sites. Personalize and fine-tune your Flipboard as you go by liking and sharing the articles you love, muting the ones you don't, and even creating personal Flipboard Magazines on anything you’re passionate about.Download Flipboard and get started today—it’s free!WITH FLIPBOARD YOU CAN: • Read stories from The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and many more top publications from around the world. • Follow Twitter hashtags or handles right in your Flipboard to keep up on events and influencers. • Collect stories around specific themes and save them into personalized collections—Flipboard Magazines—by simply tapping the '+' button at the bottom of any piece of content. • Keep up with the news in The Daily Edition, a roundup of important stories hand-picked by our editorial team. • Enjoy Flipboard in 24 local editions, including versions for Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India and China. • Get notifications on your Apple Watch and find Flipboard stories in iOS 9 spotlight search. KEEP UP ON FLIPBOARD For product updates and the latest from our blog, including tips and interviews with actors, writers, musicians and more, follow us videos on how to use Flipboard, visit you are having technical issues or have any questions, contact us at
The best magazine apps for iPad
Get live and on-demand access to your favorite public radio programs, including national award-winning shows like PRI’s The World, The Takeaway, Studio 360 and more! Download this app to hear, read and share entertaining and insightful content from around the globe.PRI helps people understand our diverse, interconnected world through content that focuses on global news and cultural perspectives made relevant for Americans. PRI. Hear a different voice.
The most powerful news app for following tech news - Guaranteed! Prioritized feed, more coverage, built-in read it later, personal push notifications, collapsed mode for efficient reading, full feed customization and many more features. Why look elsewhere really?Containing extensive coverage of smartphones, tablets, apps, laptops, games, gadgets and more... All-in-one, easy to use interface, push notifications and up to one week back of the hottest articles.And in further detail: @ No setup time or annoying sign-ins - launch and immediately be in the know!@ Full coverage of the top tech news stories - one click to see all sources covering each story. Clean feed with no repeated stories!@ Your pace - read the latest articles, the articles from the last 24 hours, or get the most notable items from the past week. @ Subscribe for push notifications on the specific topics you're interested in!@ Your personal news edition - choose your favorite topics and the topics you want out of your feed (blocked topics).@ Videos & articles curated from the most popular technology sites on the web - CNET, PC Magazine, Engadget, Re/code, TechCrunch, The Verge, PC World, Gizmodo, Mashable and dozens more!@ In-app commenting system allows you to easily comment on any story!@ Express your opinion! Tag any article and let other users know what you think!@ Built-in read-it-later functionality@ Block (filter out) unwanted sourcesiPhone-only features -@ Collapsed mode - an effective reading mode! Skim through the news and decide what you want to read, save or share!Enjoying the app? Not satisfied? Whatever it is - we’re waiting to hear from you. Please write us what’s on your mind to support@newsfusion.comFollow us on Twitter: @NewsfusionApps Use of the Newsfusion Application is governed by the Newsfusion Terms of Use (
"THIS APP IS GOING TO BE YOUR NEW FAVOURITE DISTRACTION" - Apple We’ve all been there! You sit down for a meal and you just want something new to watch for a bit while you eat, but end up doing more browsing and searching than actually watching and eating. The struggle is real and Neverthink is the answer. Perfect for moments when you just want to watch something while doing other stuff like cooking, exercising, doing your nails or just chilling out at the end of the day."NEVERTHINK MIGHT JUST BE THE MOST ‘LEAN BACK’ ONLINE VIDEO EXPERIENCE YET" - TechCrunchNeverthink is your remote for the internet and works just like TV. All you have to do is choose a channel, lean back and enjoy all the best videos the internet has to offer, handpicked by our team who watches thousands of videos every day so you don’t have to.
Text on photos and videos is a brand new way to express yourself. Add real-time text and filters directly to your camera! In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes or anything else you can think of to your camera and share quickly and easily with your friends. ADD TEXT USING AMAZING FONTS: Add custom typography directly to your camera with very artistic fonts. Choose from a huge selection of powerful fonts that will make your photos awesome and engaging. SUPERB REAL-TIME FILTERS: Create beautiful photos with real-time filters. There are so many types of them: vintage, artistic and funny! With a single tap, you can transform a soulless pic into a work of art! You can import your photos from Facebook & Instagram which makes it all so much easier! ADDITIONAL FEATURES: - Rotate text using gestures - Add multiple lines of text - 1-Tap sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr etc. Enjoy, Gabriel from TheAppHoles
Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover, and recommend the stories that interest you. -- SAVE FOR LATER: The next time you find an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket. It’ll sync across your phone, tablet, and computer so you can come back to it whenever and wherever you’d like, even when you’re offline. You can save to Pocket from pretty much anywhere, including your computer, Safari, email, and your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, and Feedly. BEAUTIFUL READING EXPERIENCE: Read and watch everything in Pocket in a clean, easy-to-view layout that’s free of distractions. You can customize Pocket to match your reading style. DISCOVER STORIES YOU’LL LOVE: Quickly discover new stories you’ll love with personalized recommendations hand-picked by Pocket and the people you follow. RECOMMEND THE BEST OF YOUR POCKET: Recommend the most interesting stories you’re reading and watching in Pocket to your friends and followers. PLUS: • Unlimited storage • Tags to quickly get organized • Listen to your articles with Text-to-Speech • Save with one click using Pocket’s desktop browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox -- “Stop emailing yourself links and just install Pocket.” - The Verge “Pocket makes subway reading possible. No longer do your lingering Safari pages refresh mid-commute, leaving you staring at a blank, hopeless screen that cannot connect to the Internet.” - Slate --- Upgrade to Pocket Premium for a more powerful Pocket experience ($4.99 monthly, $44.99 annually): • Permanent Library to keep a personal backup of what you save • Full-Text searching to find anything in your list • Suggested Tags to get organized fast. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. To end a subscription, disable auto-renewal and allow the current period to end. It will not be possible to immediately cancel a subscription. Refunds are not available for unused portions of a subscription. Pocket Privacy Policy: Pocket Terms of Service:
The best ebook readers for iPhone
***Exclusively for Jio SIM users***JioTV offers widest range of TV channels (350+ channels spread across 10+ genres and 15+ languages) on your smartphones and tablets Watch all your favourite channels : Colors, Star, Star TV, Star Plus, Star Sports, Star Movies Select, Life OK, Movies OK, Maa, Maa TV, Asianet, Suvarna, Sony, Sab, MAX, MIX, Pal, Sony ESPN, ESPN, Six, Zee, Zee TV, & TV, Ten, Ten Golf, Sun, Surya, Kiran, Gemini, , ETV, News 18, News, Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, NDTV, ABP, ABP News, Jalsha, Pravah, K TV, Pogo, Nick, Cartoon Network, Toonami, MTV, Food Food, Raj, PTC and many more channels Key Features: - Pause & Play Live TV Channels at your convenience - Never miss a program with the 7 day Catch Up of your favorite channels - Quick Content Discovery using 7 (past / future) days TV Guide, Language & Genre filters or Channel / Program based search. - Multilingual User Interface in 10 languages. - Personalized TV viewing experience : Mark channel / programs as favorites or Set Reminders.
• Our app is free to download • Read or listen to a selection of must-read articles chosen each week by Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist • Subscribers enjoy full access to each week’s issues and analysisA smart guide to the forces that shape the future, readers access an essential global briefing on business, finance, economics, science, current affairs, technology and the arts from The Economist each week.FEATURES • Read or listen to each week’s full issue from Thursday 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT. Read or listen to each week’s full issue every Thursday, before it hits newsstands. • Pre-download The Economist and enjoy offline reading anytime, anywhere. • Seamlessly move between our reader and audio features. • Store and access back issues. • If you are a registered reader, you may purchase single issues using in-app purchase. • Subscribe within the app and get full access to and The Economist apps.SUBSCRIBING IN-APP • Subscribe annually, quarterly or buy a single issue. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes. • Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. • Annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew. You can manage auto-renew of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again. • The app may offer a free trial. At the end of the free trial period, the full price of the subscription will be charged thereafter. Cancellations must occur 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Visit for more information. • Full terms of use can be found at AVAILABLE ON iPAD Simply search for The Economist in the App Store to download the app for free. Please note that this app requires iOS 8.0 and above. We recommend you update to the latest version of iOS to receive the best possible experience.
The Economist for iPhone app review
The MailOnline (Daily Mail) app gives you everything you've come to expect and love from the world's largest English-language newspaper website, but with quick, easy and free access on your iPhone or iPad - accessible even when you're offline. Feed your daily addiction with stories and photos from all our top channels: US, UK & World News, Celebrity & Showbiz, Sports, Femail, Science & Tech, Health, Money, Travel, and many more! See what everyone's talking about and download our app today. FEATURES: • Over 15 channels of must-read articles and photos - that's over 800+ original stories and 1000's of new photos every day! • Pre-load stories & galleries to access when you're offline or without reception - great for commutes! • Choose your region (US, UK, AU or Rest of World) to ensure you get the news most relevant to you. • Express Yourself: Post your Comments on articles or Rate other user's comments that you like or dislike. • Filter articles on channels by Top Stories or Most Recent • Custom Settings: Select when data and images update based on your preferred connection (3G or Wi-Fi) • Share articles and photos via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SMS, WhatsApp & EmailEmail us at if you have any trouble with the app or want to suggest new features for us to add to future updates. We can't reply to app reviews but monitor user emails 24/7.
MailOnline app review: bringing you all of the latest world news
KGTV 10 News in San Diego delivers relevant local, community and national news, including up-to-the minute weather information, breaking news, and alerts throughout the day. When you open our app, you’ll know what’s going on right now and what’s important to your local area. We've improved the experience with an intuitive layout and simplified navigation. News, weather and video are just a tap away. Our favorite feature is the new weather section. Not only do we deliver hourly and daily forecasts, we've also integrated powerful Weathersphere™ technology to give you the most updated severe weather information in an instant. Key Features: • Breaking news alerts and stories • Brand new weather section, with hourly and daily forecasts • Lightning fast weather radar powered by Weathersphere technology • Live streaming video • Fast and easy to use We're committed to continually improving our user experience, so please let us know how we're doing by leaving a review in the App Store.
Want to stay up to date with all of the most current paint and coatings technology, but are always on the go? PCI Magazine's app features news, articles, events and resources for architectural, industrial and special-effect paint and coating formulators and manufacturers. The app also includes PCI's most current digital issue, as well information for coatings finishers and end users. PCI Magazine has been a trusted source of information to paint companies for over 100 years.
The POLITICO app for iPhone and iPad brings you your politics fix in a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that keeps you up to date when you’re on the go. POLITICO delivers the fastest, most in-depth coverage of politics and policy developments and everything you need to stay up to speed on the 2016 races. POLITICO’s journalists break news and drive conversation on the White House, Capitol Hill, Washington and lobbying, the intersection of politics with Wall Street, media and personalities, and dedicated coverage of twelve policy areas. KEY FEATURES: ■ Navigate quickly between several different POLITICO News sections, Blogs, Policy sections, Morning Tipsheets, POLITICO Magazine, Videos, and live online content, as well as Photos, Polls and user-saved Articles. The More Info section contains settings, a helpful FAQ, about, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and easy-to-use tell a friend and feedback mail templates.■ The POLITICO app will dynamically deliver additional News, Blogs, or other feeds in the future, without requiring an app update. Make sure you have the notifications switch turned on in your Settings app for POLITICO, in order to be notified when new changes occur. ■ POLITICO’s articles, videos and photos update several times every day. The app will automatically check for changes several times every hour and intelligently download only those changes that are different from the last downloaded content. ■ All downloaded article content is intelligently cached for offline reading when a network is not convenient. You can use the “AUTO UPDATE” flags in the Sections menu to control what and how much content we automatically download.  » Follow us on Twitter: @POLITICO
A better way to discover and play all your favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime. The Podbean podcast player integrates all the best features to enhance your podcast listening experience.Access Podbean’s extensive network of podcasts, search categories and get suggestions based on your history. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts or discover new podcasts while on the go. Instantly stream or download podcasts to play any time, even offline. Stay updated: automatic downloads of your latest episodes; option to auto-delete played episodes. Stay organized with playlists; view your play history and favorite episodes. Streamlined interface and convenient player options such as play speed adjustment, timer and a sleep function.
The best podcast apps for iPhone
Barstool Sports - By the Common Man, For The Common ManFollow all the action at The Stool with our first app that actually works - live video, podcasts, and blogs with the hottest takes only from the funniest personalities on the internet.El Pres, Big Cat, KFC, KMarko, PFTCommenter and an army of bloggers bring you sports, pop culture, girls, entertainment, viral videos, and original content 24/7 - from the smash hit podcasts Pardon My Take and KFC Radio, to the daily Rundown video series. “What you guys do is brilliant and funny…Barstool makes me laugh on a daily basis” - Scott Van Pelt. With a cult following of fiercely loyal fans, Barstool is a driving force in sports, entertainment and men’s culture. Originators of Saturdays Are For the Boys (#SAFTB), #FreeBrady, #FireGoddell, Viva La Stool, “Uhhh...Ya Think?,” RIP Harambe, the Mount Rushmores of everything, and the ongoing debate - is Joe Flacco elite? Nothing is off limits. Called “a virtual frat house…a place of uncensored chatter between a bunch of average Joes” by Boston Magazine and both “real and honest and unapologetic” and “a profoundly despicable corner of the internet” by Sports Illustrated - Barstool Sports is the controversial brand that people love…or love to hate. Viva
theScore is the only sports app you need for real-time scores, news, and alerts from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA Football, English Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, World Cup and all major sports and competitions!theScore is lightning fast, incredibly stats-rich and totally customizable. Build a personalized feed of your favorite teams, leagues, and players. Enable notifications and never miss a key play, major news story or injury update again!Real-time scores, stats and news from: - Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL)  - Hockey (NHL, IIHF WJHC - World Junior Hockey Championship, NCAA Frozen Four, World Cup of Hockey)  - Basketball (NBA, NCAA - including March Madness) - Baseball (MLB, College World Series) - Soccer (English Premier League, Champions League, World Cup, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, Capital One Cup, Europa League, Ligue 1, Coppa Italia, Copa Del Rey and Liga MX)  - Mixed Martial Arts (MMA: UFC and Bellator)  - Auto Racing (NASCAR Sprint Cup, Formula 1)  - Golf (PGA, LPGA, European Tour, Tour)  - Tennis (ATP, WTA) - Lacrosse (NLL)Want to suggest a new feature, league or need support?Email:  Twitter: @theScoreHelp --  We are affiliated with Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
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UC Browser offers you a fast & all-in-one experience. Discover hot news, online videos,music streaming,shopping and more. We have all the hottest websites here for news,videos,movies,music,cricket, celerity etc. Whether you like Bollywood or Hollywood, enjoy your time with UC Browser.*Faster : This UC Browser International version is a lot faster in web browsing ,video streaming. *Smarter: Enhanced video streaming, ad blocking and data saving features. We promise to give you a smarter UC Browser. *Better: All new and User-friendly interface offers you better browsing experience.Features: *Powerful AD Blocking UC Browser blocks the ad content automatically,making your browsing experience faster and more efficient.*Mini Video Window You never have to stop your video and music with the mini video window.*QR Code Scanner UC Browser comes with a QR Code Reader which can automatically recognize any QR code your camera is pointing at.*3D Touch APP Shortcut supported Simply press UC Browser on the Home screen to begin search or get into youtube.*Data Saving UC Browser can SAVE up to 60% of the data usage.*Speed Mode UC Browser's data compression technology allows you to browse faster and save more data. *Night Mode Switch to Night Mode to make night reading more comfortable. About UCWeb Discover more at: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Join UC Forum to get support: Tumblr:
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Get The Economic Times advantage to track latest business news and stock prices on the go and make informed decisionsFeatures - - Offers a full range of News categories: Top Stories, News by Industry, Market News, Personal Finance, Technology, Opinion, Features, Environment and much more. - Swipe left on the home screen to scroll to a brand new Markets experience – see markets as they roar and tumble with Live Indices and stock quotes for all listed stocks on BSE and NSE. - Watch ET NOW Live TV India’s no. 1 business news channel with live streaming to get stock recos and market moving news as it happens. Tap on the video and rotate your device to watch full screen. - ET Portfolio integration, allows you to track your investments anytime, anywhere with complete sync across the Web as well. - Smart search lets you discover News, Stocks, Mutual Funds and Commodities - Introduces Slideshows ranging across different genres -Auto, Advertising & Marketing, Biz & Entrepreneurship, Corporate & Industry, Consumer & Legal, Economy, Entertainment, Events and many more. - Offline reading supported which enables you to sync the stories when you have data access and then read them offline at your leisure. - Participate in the conversation on any news through comments - Share your favourite news and events through email, Twitter and Facebook
Cubbie Tracker is your best source for everything you want, everything you need to know about the Chicago Cubs. Cubbie Tracker delivers the latest Chicago Cubs baseball headlines, photos, stats, scores and schedules. Test your Chicago Cubs baseball knowledge with our trivia quizzes and games. Activate notifications and get alerts for breaking news and scores of Chicago Cubs games.
Livestreaming, breaking news notifications, and all the local news you want from FOX 5 in a fast, high-performance app.Watch and read stories at the same time -- the video plays as you scroll. Be the first to know with breaking news alerts, and find out what's happening in your area with News Near Me. Never miss any FOX 5 news - you can livestream our newscasts right from your phone or tablet. Save stories to read later, and share easily to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Get a head start on your day with FOX 5 traffic and weather maps. Enter our latest contests and promotions right from your phone, and catch up on all your favorite segments from FOX 5.
Popcorn time keep you update on upcoming movies. Browse the top upcoming movies, shows, music and watch high quality trailers. Read music, tv and theatre reviews, read behind the scene stories. Explore top box office news, awards and pictures. Features:- Watch movie trailers in HD on devices - Film Reviews - TV Reviews - Show Reviews - Music Reviews - Theatre ReviewsITS POPCORN TIME!!!!Buy some popcorn and start app and enjoy.Facebook Fan Page :
NFL中国官方APP,提供最新鲜的美式橄榄球资讯,最劲爆的精彩视频,最实时的比赛直播,最精准的数据排名以及NFL在中国的热门讯息,让您享受随时随地看球的快感,与千万球迷一起看球聊球! 主要功能1 比赛直播:与美国比赛同步,零时差感受现场氛围2 新闻资讯:一手新闻抢先报,让您快人一步,成为美式橄榄球界的小灵通3 精彩视频:赛季聚焦、精彩瞬间、教学短片、场外花絮、NFL在中国,捕捉每一刻的精彩瞬间4 互动评论:足不出户享受和志同道合的伙伴聊球的乐趣5 数据排名:大数据时代,给你最直观的比赛形势6 完整赛程:32支球队最实时的比赛比分、直播场次、对阵双方及参与直播评论。
Tapatalk connects to over 100,000 online forums worldwide. Post easily with unlimited Photo and Video sharing and instant push notifications. Tapatalk forever change the way you interact with online forums on mobile.Bonus: Tapatalk works great for RSS / blogs too!Here are some of the top sites available in Tapatalk:MacRumors Forums VWvortex Watchuseek Cruise Critic M3Forum Operation Sports Adventure Rider LXForums Pentax Photography Forums iMore Focus ST CyanogenMod Archery Talk Apple iPhone Forum Audizine AnandTech Forums Tapatalk Support Forum AVForums Reef Aquariums REEF2REEF BigSoccer Mobile Phone OS Forum Jeep Garage - Jeep Forum RootzWiki Mobi NUKE AVSforum Kodi Guru Gossip IGN Boards ReefCentral Natural Mamas Spacetime Studios GSM-Forum ( gsmhosting ) Windows Central Grasscity Forum RWI E Cigarette Forum Swedespeed PS3Hax Germans Club WoodyCraft MoDaCo The Rolex Forums IronMag Forums Pelican Parts Forums GolfMK6 The Outdoors Trader The Garage Journal SamMobile SmartCanucks The Two Plus Two Forums Websleuths Plex Forums Cheap Ass Gamer TZ-UK VW Audi Forum MyBroadband Sinisterly LinusTechTips Expedition Portal Bimmerfest SA 4x4 Community Forum Bushcraft USA Badger & Blade DODGE RAM FORUM skyscrapercity MPA Forum and Community Smith & Wesson Forum Hammock Forums CrackBerry Forums Civinfo Waze Forum BMW Forum: BMWLand Xiaomi Europe Support Lipstick Alley The High Road The Hackers Paradise Practical Machinist Professional Muscle Candlepowerforums Pattaya Addicts Forum Philippines Addicts iPhone Hacks Detailing World Brave Frontier Forum Psych Central 2CoolFishing The Firing Line AnabolicMinds 1911Forum Debate Politics Forums THCtalk OPPO Forums Everything iPhone Audiokarma iPad Forums R3VLimited Forums UG Bodybuilding NASIOC The Gear Page ASUS Forums The Shave Nook BariatricPal Fourtitude iFans Market Militia Tenerife Forum Driftworks PowerStrokeArmy Total War Center Feed The Beast Vaping Underground UK-Muscle - XD Gun Forum Baby Bargains & Baby 411! Survivalist Boards Personality Cafe The Planted Tank Forums FT86Club BMW Fanatics RealGM forums Tacoma World AlpineZone Muscle Research Forums EcoCityCraft Airbrush Forum Tech Support Guy Volkswagen Owners Club The RTI INDIA SuperMoto Junkie Epic Games Forum InsanelyMac Indian Real Estate Forum Trouble Free Pool Digital Photography School BMW 5 Series Owners Board Student Doctor Network ModMyi Toyota 4Runner Forums The CABE Mustang Forums Galaxy S4 Forums Clash of Gem Stargazers Lounge UK Vapers Nikonites - Nikon Forum NerdFitness Rebellion HQ XBMC HUB GolfMKV PremierReef The Iron Den Planet of the Vapes Cruise Addicts E46Fanatics RCCrawler SXOC Bulletin Board FPVLAB VXR online CAMARO5 Welding Web Mighty Car Mods Lifehacker EliteFitness Festool Owners Group HVAC-Talk GameGuardian Head-Fi Pit Bull Forum Archery AddixTapatalk is absolutely free, but to support us, you can also purchase VIP status that will allow you to view Tapatalk ad free. VIP status is US$0.99 per month subscription, and will auto-renew until you elect to cancel. If you are interested in purchasing VIP status, go to Me>Settings, and scroll down to Advanced Options to subscribe.If you purchased the Tapatalk app when we were a paid app, you are eligible for VIP status (and no need to purchase a subscription). Contact us or details.
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What's new in Version 4.6.2: • All things Ryder Cup! • Scoring updates and enhancements for the Ryder Cup match play leaderboards • During the Ryder Cup, play along with FanBeat! Predict the action and answer trivia questions to earn points and compete for prizes! • Watch Golf Channel live. Sign in with your TV provider credentials and watch. • iOS 10 compatibilityVersion 4.5.3: • Bug fixes and performance enhancements • Articles, photos and videos now include other articles you may like Version 4.4.1: • Minor enhancements for The Presidents Cup scoringVersion 4.4: We've made some small but significant improvements including: • Larger photos on the Home Page and everywhere else • Improved performance overall, including scores, photos, and articles • Plus lots of other small updates to make everything look and run more smoothly!Version 4.1: • Improved home page with latest news headlines below the featured sections • Introducing Tee Shots, a quick look at shared photos from the golfing world!Version 4.0: ALL NEW for iPhone and iPad - completely rebuilt and redesigned!• Improved Navigation and slick new interface • Improved Photo Gallery with larger photos and more photos • New Home Screen with lead story carousel • Play Golf Channel Fantasy within the new app • New Grill Room blog • More videos - News, Originals, and Instruction video sections • Better article linking • Improved chats and Tiger Tracker • And much more!Keep connected to the world of golf with the new Golf Channel Mobile 4.0. Read the latest articles, blogs, and analysis from the game’s most knowledgeable insiders. Follow your favorite players in this week's tournaments with leaderboards from all major worldwide tours. Get the Golf Channel experts' picks before each tournament and make your fantasy picks. Get breaking news as it happens, anytime and anywhere.• Check out the latest shows (both news and originals) with behind-the-scenes videos, photo galleries and other web exclusive content. • Get the latest tips from golf’s best instructors and legends.
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The SBS Radio App brings you Australian and international news and information in 76 languages, 24/7 streaming music channels, and live streaming special events. Features of the app include: - Listen to live radio streaming of SBS Radio’s digital radio stations SBS Radio 1, SBS Radio 2, SBS Radio 3 and SBS Radio 4. - Access SBS digital radio music stations SBS PopAsia, PopDesi and SBS Chill. - Plus, listen live to our NEW digital radio station SBS Arabic24 - 24hr news and information in Arabic. - Missed your favorite radio language program? Listen to 7-day catch-up on demand when and where you want - Listen to podcasts of show highlights, interviews, news and lifestyle topics - Schedule information - Radio live program reminder alerts - One click button to email, text message or call the programs live on-air! - High quality digital audio - News poll on Australian and international news topics If you’re a fan of the app don’t forget to check out our online languages services. Visit for schedule and program information. A note about data usage: Streaming or Downloading Podcasts, and streaming On Demand audio uses additional data and you are responsible for this consumption and associated data charges. Tip: Downloading a Podcast is currently restricted to WiFi connections to reduce cellular data usage (or offline listening). On Demand audio does not have this restriction but it is recommended you check your data plan before listening to On Demand audio, as the audio files can be very large.
Starte jetzt mit der kostenlosen* BIKE App auf dem iPad. Tauche ein in ein ganz neues Lese-Gefühl. BIKE – Europas größtes Mountainbike-Magazin liefert Dir Videos und Hintergründe direkt zum Artikel. Tests und Technik, Reisen und Touren, spannende Reportagen, Rennen, Events Service, Tipps und Trends – mit BIKE bist Du immer top informiert. Hol Dir die komplette Bike-Szene Dein iOS-Gerät. Erlebe exklusives zusätzliches Bildmaterial zu unseren Tests und Storys in Vollbild. Interaktive Links führen Dich direkt zu Tests, Produkten, Videos und Hintergründen. Die neue BIKE-App öffnet Dir die Tür zur MTB-Welt – die aktuelle Ausgabe kannst Du direkt in der App freischalten. Du gehst KEINE Abo-Verpflichtung ein. Jede Ausgabe kann einzeln freigeschaltet werden. Über BIKE: Europas größtes Mountainbike-Magazin zeigt zwölf Mal im Jahr, worauf die Bike-Szene abfährt: Test und Technik, Touren und Routen, Fitness und Fahrtechnik, Rennen und Events – dazu spannende Reportagen und spektakuläre Fotos. Seit 1989 ist BIKE die Stimme der Szene.
Take a global view with the SBS World News Australia app. Backed by Australia's most comprehensive world news service, the app allows you to:- Get breaking news and views from SBS and its worldwide network of media partners. - Quickly stream video and audio reports, including updated News in Brief bulletins. - Choose your news with home-screen personalisation eg by topic, world region or popularity. - Join the conversation by reading and posting comments about the issues that matter. - The app features some advertising. It’s designed to be unobtrusive and helps us keep the app free.We'd love your feedback - please send compliments and criticism to: For reference purposes, streaming a 3-minute video over 3G consumes approx. 1MB of data.If you're a fan of the app, check out SBS' news & current affairs websites:
Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet. Powered by social signals and discerning taste, our editors turn the Internet's vast and cacophonous flood of articles, blog posts, and videos into an elegant and engrossing mix known as Digg.Introducing Digg Dialog, a live conversation with authors about their top stories. Each week, we’ll invite authors to participate in a live discussion with Digg users about the most interesting stories on the Internet.Features: ◆ A continuously-updated feed of stories from around the web, hand-picked by our staff of editors and writers ◆ Video: today’s most interesting viral videos, animations and short films ◆ Digg Dialog: a live conversation with authors about their top stories ◆ Search and Discover: thousands of stories curated and categorized into topics like Technology, Long Reads, Space, Funny, and more ◆ Digg Reader: a simple, powerful tool for following your favorite blogs and publishers ◆ Save stories to Instapaper, Pocket or Readability with just one tap ◆ VoiceOver support for the blind and visually impaired ◆ Support for Dynamic Type, Background App Refresh, and Spotlight Search ◆ Support for 3D Touch: access the main parts of the app from the home screen Don't believe us? Listen to what some smart people are saying:“Digg captures a snapshot of all of the Web’s hottest streams. Then it presents a smart, gorgeous, editorially coherent digest of what’s popular online.” - Slate“And now, with no warning, it's back—and it's beautiful.” - GizmodoHave a suggestion? Trouble with our app? Email us: Talk to us on Twitter: @DiggSupportTeam Digg
Digg app review: keep in touch with the world and show which articles you like
Get the latest news throughout the day with the free Telegraph Live News mobile app.This app provides instant access to the day's need-to-know news, with accompanying hi-res photo galleries and video to give you the story from every angle. Read the headlines at a glance or skip straight to your favourite sections with the easy-to-use UI. • Find and follow the topics that interest you most to build a custom feed of stories • Share easily via Twitter, Facebook and email. • Hi-res photo galleries and video from The Telegraph's renowned journalists • Live match centre, for up-to-the-minute football scores and results • Live financial data from the world markets
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► TV guide UK allows you to view your favorite at any time of the day TV program! You can see it even with low internet connection. All the best TV channels available from the app. features: • Connecting GPRS, EDGE, 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi. • Compatible with the latest operating system "iOS 8" as well as earlier versions. • Interface design and optimized for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, 5C iPhone, iPad Mini (Retina) and iPad Air (Retina). • Ability to set an alarm to be notified when your favorite programs when they start. • An interface quality (HD, 1080p). • The application is translated into English. • Works in the UK and abroad. • tab dedicated to your favorite channels! Your favorite English TV available from this TV-Listings App from United-Kingdom (UK).
Are you a gadgets fan? Want to know about all the new and cool devices the moment they come out? Need news, reviews, videos and updates on the hottest products? You've come to the right place! All the news, videos, updates, reviews, new releases, rumors and much more in one app!Features include - - A news summary covering gadget stories from all prominent sources ! Clean feed with no repetitions. For each story - see all sources that covered it with a simple tap ! - Push notifications for prominent stories and/or your chosen gadgets/topics making sure you're up to date, even when you're busy (optional)! - Videos, product reviews, demonstrations, news releases and much more - brought to you from the leading Youtube channels! - Your very own news feed - choose the topics you want to follow and/or the topics you want blocked! Don't bother yourself with news that don't interest you! - State your mind! An in-app commenting system lets you start discussions on any article you want! - Social News - see what the people you follow on Twitter have to say on various stories! - Built in Read-it-later - mark stories for later reading inside the app!iPhone only features - - Block source - filter out of your feed any sources you don't like!- Collapsed mode - an effective reading mode! Skim through the news and decide what you want to read, save or share!Use of the Newsfusion Application is governed by the Newsfusion Terms of Use (
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This is Money’s super-fast new app brings you ALL the latest money news, advice and tips from Britain's best financial website. You cannot afford to miss it.Our specialist writers and editors cover everything you need to know from house prices, to investing ideas, consumer news and the latest savings and mortgage rates.We cover the latest stock market, economic and company news as it happens – and explain what it means for you. Other favorite channels include cars and motoring, bills, small business, credit cards and loans and pensions.Top financial opinion makers from This is Money and the Daily Mail contribute to the brilliant new comment section. You can even submit your money questions to our panel of experts.This is Money is an award-winning financial website and the financial section of MailOnline. Download the app now to read completely free content and why not try our special tap-and-expand feature to view high quality graphics in detail.Key features:• Fast-loading content • Over 12 channels of must-read content • Share stories with friends on Facebook, Twitter or email • Pre-load stories to access when you're offline or without connection
"Can't miss app" – MASHABLE "Best Audio Startup" – 2016 RAIN Awards Go beyond talk radio -- Discover podcasts you love, but might not know about. Get a personalized front-page of news read to you. All with the push of a button.Traditional talk radio serves up one source to everyone. Otto Radio curates personalized playlists of audio stories from more than 1,000 news outlets and 35,000 podcasts just for you.Stop scanning the radio dial and scouring the internet. Start using your time to become better informed about the topics you care about most.Sports, Business, Politics, Entertainment, Comedy, U.S. and World News – no matter your interests, getting up-to-date has never been easier.THE WORD IS OUT“Otto Radio acts almost as a Flipboard for podcasts – users enter their interests and their commute time and Otto creates a playlist.” -- FORTUNE“Pandora for podcasts and news.” -- PRODUCTIVITY BYTES“For the daily travelers who prefer news stories and podcasts Otto Radio can change the way these news lovers absorb their daily dose of information.” -- NEW YORK MINUTE MAG*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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The Times of India iPad app keeps you updated 24x7 on the latest national and international news, sports, entertainment, videos, business reports, lifestyle and all other relevant news while you are on the move.Features:- Latest news on politics, breaking news, in-depth analysis - Local news featuring reports from 41 cities- Live cricket scores with complete full-screen scorecard - Reviews of latest movies by renowned critics as well as readers- Business news to keep you updated on the business scene- Photo galleries and videos from news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle categories- Share articles and photos via email, Facebook or Twitter- Save articles for offline readingThe Times of India’s iPad app is optimized for iOS 5 and all previous versions.We always look forward to receiving your valuable feedback or suggestions to help us enhance your reading experience. You can send them at
Be always updated on latest job offers with Jobrapido!Easily review job openings from all career and employment sites across the country and stay connected with the latest career opportunities.With Jobrapido Job Search you can: . Search job ads by keywords and location. . Find job openings located near you using Geolocalization service. . Be notified of new jobs available for your criteria with push notifications or email. . Save your favourite searches that interest you. . Register with your email, through Facebook or Gmail to recover your saved searches also on other devices. . Send job offers by email in order to apply later.Download it now and don’t miss out on your next job! Feedbacks, questions? Write to us at
Quick and easy access to Mega Millions, Powerball and state lottery results in the US.Latest jackpot, winning numbers with drawing history, prize levels/payouts (fixed prizes) and game information for multi-state Mega Millions, Powerball, Hot Lotto, Wild Card, 2by2, Lucky for Life, Cash 4 Life and state lotto games from Arkansas (AR) California (CA) Colorado (CO) Connecticut (CT) Delaware (DE) District of Columbia (DC) Florida (FL) Georgia (GA) Idaho (ID) Illinois (IL) Indiana Hoosier (IN) Iowa (IA) Kansas (KS) Kentucky (KY) Louisiana (LA) Maine (ME) Maryland (MD) Massachusetts (MA) Michigan (MI) Minnesota (MN) Missouri (MO) Montana (MT) Nebraska (NE) New Hampshire (NH) New Jersey (NJ) New Mexico (NM) New York (NY) North Carolina (NC) North Dakota (ND) Ohio (OH) Oklahoma (OK) Oregon (OR) Pennsylvania (PA) Rhode Island (RI) South Carolina (SC) South Dakota (SD) Tennessee (TN) Texas (TX) Vermont (VT) Virginia (VA) Washington (WA) West Virginia (WV) Wisconsin (WI) Wyoming (WY)Plus Puerto Rico (PR) - Powerball Only US Virgin Islands (VI) - Mega Millions and Powerball OnlyINSTRUCTIONS * Tap on Info button on top left to change your location or to select/hide/reorder lotto games and other options * Tap on winning numbers section of a lotto game to view drawing history * Tap on next drawing section of a lotto game to view game and prize level/payout informationThis is an ad-supported app. If you need ad-free apps, check out our other apps. Please send questions/comments/requests to or visit us at
Lotto Results app review: a lottery app that shows you current drawing numbers and upcoming jackpot pools
APPLE EDITORS' CHOICE "It’s super simple and a real breath of fresh air." —TechCrunch "This is the future of mobile news, as Quartz envisions it." —WiredQuartz's new app puts the entire global economy in your pocket.It's an ongoing conversation about the news, sort of like texting. We'll send you messages, photos, GIFs, and links, and you can decide when you're interested in reading more. Each session lasts just a few minutes, so it's perfect for the train, elevator, grocery store line, or wherever you have a spare moment.And here's the secret about our little news bot: It's written by humans! Smart journalists who want to keep you informed and entertained.It's pretty simple. Here are some other features: • Notifications that are relevant and fun. You decide which alerts to receive, and we won't buzz your phone unless it's really, really important. • On the Today screen, view our most interesting chart of the moment. • Apple Watch owners, gauge the markets with an emoji on your watch face. • No more news? Relax. We'll give you a quiz or something else to do.This app is a new way to read the news that's really made for your phone. We hope you like it. Let us know what you think at Thanks!
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